Never Late, Never Away Chapter 561

She was slightly amused when she saw the numbers on her screen. It was someone that gave her a lot of headaches back then. What a coincidence?

“How can I help you?” Vivian picked up after a moment of hesitation.

“Where are you now?” It was a man’s voice.

“I’m at an orphanage. What’s going on?”

“Send me the location. You stay there and wait for me. I need to talk to you about something.” The man sounded really anxious.

“Sure.” Vivian assumed that it was important since they agreed that they would not contact each other otherwise.

As soon as the call ended, Vivian sent Hunter the address of the orphanage.

“Vivian, who’s coming over to pick you up?” Evelyn asked because she noticed that Vivian was livelier after the call.

“It’s Hunter. He had something to discuss with me.”

“What a coincidence!” Evelyn was delighted to hear that Hunter was coming. “We just talked about him, and now he’s actually coming. Do you think he heard us? Or are you two connected telepathically?”

Before that, Evelyn was still worried that Hunter and Vivian’s relationship was not progressing as well as she wanted, but now, she felt relieved. It looks like Hunter did not disappoint me. I knew it! A b*tch like Vivian could never be able to resist Hunter’s seduction considering she might not have met many good men her whole life. She’s such a whore! How can she even be compared with me! What does Finnick see in her!

Vivian felt offended when she heard Evelyn joking about her, but she could not show it. So she only smiled and said nothing.

However, Evelyn thought that she was feeling embarrassed and got even more excited. “I told you he’s a thoughtful guy, right? He’s even coming here as soon as he found out you are here. A man like this is really hard to come by these days. Especially a handsome one.”

She kept going. “You should really listen to me and get together with Hunter. If you don’t treasure a man like this, you’d definitely regret it.”

As Vivian listened to Evelyn, she realized that Evelyn had incredible potential at being a matchmaker. I thought she only knew how to act pitiable. Who would have thought she had a knack for talking?

“Vivian, do you agree with what I’m saying?”

“Sure.” Vivian gave a simple response, but that was more than enough for Evelyn as it meant that Vivian did, in fact, had feelings for Hunter.

Evelyn was overjoyed, thinking that her prey was slowly walking towards the trap that she prepared. That feeling of slaying a prey after it had fallen into the trap was ecstatic.

She was certain that Vivian was getting closer and closer to her trap. The only thing she had to do now was to wait.

On the other hand, Vivian was not gullible enough to think that Evelyn was happy for her. She assumed Evelyn was celebrating the progression of her plan.

You can laugh for now. But we’ll see who gets the last laugh.

Evelyn continued to sing praises about Hunter while they waited, and Vivian kept brushing it aside with meaningless responses. From afar, they looked like two good friends chatting happily.

Hunter was astonished when he arrived to that scene. He had assumed that Vivian was alone, so he was surprised to see Evelyn there as well.

What’s going on here? Aren’t those two arch enemies? Why are they chatting like this?

This made Hunter think of a scene where he and Finnick were laughing happily over drinks. It gave him goosebumps as he shook his head violently, trying to get that image out of his head. That’s terrifying… I don’t think I’d ever get along with Finnick.

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