Never Late, Never Away Chapter 562

Standing at the door and seeing everything unfold in front of him, Hunter felt amused. I mentioned Vivian in front of Evelyn before. I told her she was aloof and hard to pursue. What did Evelyn say the other day?

He remembered Evelyn’s expression when she said, “That woman? There’s nothing to worry about. She’s so simple-minded that it is easy to trick her.” Evelyn was obviously giving him a contemptuous gaze when her words dripped with disdain.

However, looking at how things are now, Vivian was the cat teasing the mouse instead of Evelyn.

After he had his fill of popcorn and drama, he left his spectator seat and walked into the orphanage.

Before he could greet both of them, Evelyn saw him and smiled. “You’re so fast to fetch the woman you love. I’ve never seen you so enthusiastic whenever you came to fetch me in the past.”

Hunter replied jokingly, “Ms. Morrison, I’m wrongly accused! When did I not show up whenever you call for me?”

“Alright. You have something to tell Vivian, right? I don’t want to disturb you guys, so I’ll take my leave.” Evelyn waved at Vivian and Hunter before turning her wheelchair as she headed toward the exit.

“Why are you leaving the moment I just arrived?” Hunter joked and helped Evelyn to push her wheelchair.

“Well, I don’t want to become the third wheel. You’re so heartless to say that, Hunter.” Evelyn chuckled before glancing at Vivian. “Finnick is still waiting at home to eat dinner with me. If I return late, he’ll starve.”

With that, Evelyn observed Vivian’s expression in secret. However, the latter was expressionless, as if she didn’t hear her words.

Does this mean Vivian had fallen for Hunter, so Finnick doesn’t matter to her anymore? Evelyn should be happy with this outcome, but she felt a tinge of disappointment in her heart.

After helping Evelyn into the car, Hunter looked at the car speeding away and bade farewell before walking to Vivian’s front. “Should we leave?”

“Yeah.” Vivian remained expressionless as she nodded and followed Hunter into his car.

“What do you wish to discuss?” She turned to Hunter after fastening her seatbelt.

The man turned to look at her with a serious expression. “I wish to see you, so I called and came to fetch you.”

“Are you joking?” Hearing his reply, fury flared in Vivian’s eyes.

Hunter could only smile bitterly. If I don’t put it this way, you won’t let me fetch you.

The woman looked outside the car window to calm her growing rage from within. How absurd is that reason! I tried so hard to make Sean leave.

Soon after, the woman turned to look at Hunter and announced, “I’ve told you before. We can’t be, so stop wasting your time on me.”

“Only I know if I’m wasting my time. To me, this is worth it.” Hunter wore a stern expression.

Back then, he only approached Vivian because of Evelyn’s request. However, the woman piqued his interest once he got to know her, and he wanted to get closer to her. Later on, the incident on the cruise ship changed his impression of Vivian completely.

He had many female friends, but they only approached him because of his wealth or looks. There was none that would volunteer to save his life if he was in danger, except Vivian.

And of course, he dated those women because of their looks. As for feeling connected with their souls, who still cared for such a thing in this day and age? They were not kids anymore.

That day, Vivian said, “Let Finnick go. If you want revenge, come at me!” Hearing the woman’s brave words, Hunter was mindblown and his heart started throbbing. That was the first time he found out such an intense love existed.

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