Never Late, Never Away Chapter 566

After pondering for a while, Noah agreed with the solution Evelyn proposed. As long as Mr. Norton and Mrs. Norton never meet again, they will never clear up the misunderstanding between them. It’s great that no one will find about that incident, but…

Thinking about Finnick suffering from his longing for Vivian, Noah wanted to punch himself in the face. I betrayed Mr. Norton before to ensure my parents’ safety. Now that I’ll have to cover up the mistakes I made, am I going to betray him again?

Finnick trusted Noah completely and hid nothing from the latter. With these thoughts in mind, Noah felt his conscience pricking at him. I’ll have to pay for my sins one day.

Also, Mrs. Norton believed me, so she never suspected anything from that incident.

And this is how I repay their trust for me?

Lowering his head, guilt was written all over Noah’s face. Evelyn could tell what he was thinking. He must feel sorry for them.

She let out a sneer in her heart. Eagles don’t catch flies. What can he achieve being so indecisive? No wonder he’s still an assistant after so many years.

“What do you think?” Evelyn snickered while trying to stop him from backing out. “Noah, do you think Finnick will spare your life if he found out about it?”

She paused for a moment and looked at the man’s tensed expression. Smirking, she continued, “You’ve been working for him for so many years. I bet you know the consequences. Not only will you lose your job, but you’ll also be blacklisted by the entire finance industry. Think about your parents. Do you want them to suffer with you?”

Noah gripped his fists tightly as he admitted Evelyn’s words had indeed hit the nail on the head. She had exposed every single worry I had buried deep in my heart.

That’s right. I don’t care whatever happens to me, but I can’t let my parents suffer.

“What are you trying to do to Mrs. Norton?” Noah glared at her with hostility.

Although Noah was worried about his parents, he couldn’t get himself to help Evelyn with heinous deeds. If she went overboard, he wouldn’t agree to help her.

Suddenly, the woman snapped, “She’s not Mrs. Norton! They were divorced, so you’re not allowed to address her that way!”

It had been five years. Why can’t I replace Vivian’s position in Finnick’s heart? Even Noah thought of her as Mrs. Norton. This title belongs to me!

Evelyn smiled viciously, as hatred filled her eyes. “I don’t care if you’re one of the Williams or Morrisons, Vivian. This time, you won’t be able to escape.”

In the meantime, Vivian was annoyed recently, and it was all because of Hunter.

Didn’t he say he’ll stop assisting Evelyn? Not only did he call me over and over again, he invited me out frequently.

The reasons he gave were of all sorts: Today, his friend opens a new restaurant and gives him a voucher; tomorrow, he asks me to help him pick out a present for his mother’s birthday; the day after tomorrow, he asks me to become his partner for a gathering…

What a joke! He has tons of women to choose from.

Slowly, Vivian felt something was wrong. Did I give him some wrong signals? Maybe he misunderstood there was something between us.

Later on, Vivian was firm in rejecting Hunter’s invitations, as she felt nothing toward him, so she wanted to put a line between them. However, the man never stopped calling.

Buzz! Buzz!

Hearing the vibration of her phone, Vivian turned her head impatiently with a frown on her face, reluctant to spare it any attention.

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