Never Late, Never Away Chapter 570

“Do you remember this place? Last time when we came here for P.E, there was a girl who confessed to her crush here.”

Fabian started laughing halfway through telling the story. That had really been a legendary story back then.

Vivian giggled at the memory. “How could I forget? That girl was all dressed up in a wedding dress too, but she got so nervous after confessing that she didn’t realize that her skirt was lit on fire from the candles around her. I even remember how the guy reacted, too…”

The two of them looked at each other and laughed, trailing off.

After a moment of silence, Fabian suddenly asked, “Vivian, are you still in touch with Finnick?”

Vivian’s expression immediately darkened at the sound of Finnick’s name and her voice dropped a few degrees. “Not for a long time. Why are you asking?”

“I just couldn’t figure out why you two would break up. Could you tell me what happened?”

“Why do you want to know?” Vivian moved away slightly, starting to look much more cautious. Did Fabian ask me out alone for a different reason?

Also, why did he even start wondering about that stuff in the first place? Could he have known about Larry? He may not be on good terms with Finnick, but he is from the Norton family after all. Could it be…

She couldn’t help but start to worry. She wasn’t sensitive per se, but she automatically got worried whenever Larry was involved.

Fabian felt hurt at the sight of Vivian’s sudden caution. So we can’t even trust each other anymore? He simply asked because he was curious, but she had reacted so strongly. How ironic is this!

“Vivian, do you have no trust in me anymore? Am I just some manipulative, sly jerk to you?” Fabian said in a low, disappointed voice.

Vivian’s gaze immediately became apologetic at the sound of Fabian’s distress. He’s right. He was just asking out of concern since we haven’t met in such a long time. Why did I react so strongly? He’s not going to try and harm me like Evelyn did.

“That’s not what I meant. I just wanted to know why you asked me about Finnick. I wasn’t suspecting you- I mean-”

The more Vivian tried to explain herself, the worse it sounded. She decided to just apologize. “I’m sorry, Fabian. I shouldn’t have reacted like that. I just-”

I just don’t want to be hurt again. Evelyn had set up so many traps for her and watched as Vivian fell into each one. It had taken forever for her to finally learn her lesson. Even though she was now more alert, it came with a large dose of paranoia.

Fabian relaxed at the sight of Vivian’s apologetic gaze. At the same time, he was thinking, She’s right to be cautious. If she wasn’t at least a little paranoid, who knows what she might have gone through all those years of being on her own.

“It’s alright,” Fabian said with a comforting glance at Vivian. “Relax. I no longer have any hope of us getting back together, so don’t worry about me plotting to ruin your relationship with Finnick either. In fact, I’d rather the two of you be happy together forever.”

At first, he had been under the impression that Finnick and Vivian weren’t dating out of love. That was why he tried time and time again to win Vivian back. He had seen how much Finnick was willing to do for Vivian five years ago and knew he was really in love with her.

Perhaps Finnick was the only one who could make her happy as her one true love. Since that was the case, he was more than willing to wish them well. As long as Vivian is happy.

Vivian lowered her head at the sound of Fabian’s words. She only spoke again after a long time in a low, discouraged tone. “Things aren’t going to get better for us anymore.”

“Why?” Fabian couldn’t understand why Vivian sounded so hopeless. “What exactly happened that year? How could you two just leave each other like that?”

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