Never Late, Never Away Chapter 574

Vivian’s heart started beating faster when Finnick started walking toward her. She was terrified about the fact that they really had misunderstood each other. She was afraid of being unprepared to meet him and that she wouldn’t be able to handle the truth.

But no matter how afraid she was, Vivian stayed where she was and watched Finnick approach her rapidly.

“I have something to ask-” she started in a rare, gentle voice.

She hadn’t even finished her sentence when she felt a tight grip around her wrist that pulled her a couple of steps away.

Vivian hadn’t realized what was going on, but Fabian automatically reached out and grabbed her other wrist as if he was trying to ‘save’ her from Finnick.

Vivian felt like a paper doll being tugged from both sides, about to rip in half.

“Let go of her!” Finnick warned in a cold voice that contrasted against the fiery rage in his eyes. Is Fabian trying to win her back or something after so long? As if! Is Vivian really okay with dating any men as long as they aren’t me?

“You’re the one who should let her go!” Fabian said just as firmly. He was starting to regret speaking up for Finnick just now. Why’d I bothered to help at all when he’s treating Vivian this violently?

The two men stayed put, neither willing to let go. It was as if they forgot they were holding onto Vivian.

“Let go of me, both of you!” Vivian yelled. Her wrists were starting to become numb from their strong grasp. “Let go! It hurts!”

Fabian quickly let go of Vivian’s wrist. Finnick, on the other hand, only relaxed his grip slightly.

Vivian immediately swung Finnick’s hand away. “What the hell? What’s your problem?”

“What’s my problem? Why are you and Fabian at a hotel alone?” Finnick asked Vivian angrily, no longer able to hold back.

Fabian quickly tried to explain to Finnick, “Finnick, it’s not what it looks like. Vivian and I-”

“Shut up!” Finnick glared at Fabian frostily. “Have you forgotten that I’m your uncle? How could you do such things to your own aunt?”

Fabian’s expression darkened at Finnick’s words and he was about to explain further when Vivian’s frustrated, embarrassed voice drowned him out.

“Finnick, what are you talking about? Also, I’m not his aunt anymore! The two of us are divorced, remember?”

“Are you that desperate to cut ties with me?” Finnick scoffed coldly. “I guess you really have changed. First Hunter and now Fabian. You’ve grown much better at seducing other men.”

“Jerk! Stop slandering me!” Vivian’s face was bright red from anger or embarrassment.

“You know better. Why are you and Fabian at a hotel alone?”

“That’s none of your business!” Vivian no longer felt like explaining. She was already furious enough to blurt out whatever she was thinking. “I’m not your wife anymore. I can go wherever I want with whoever I want. Who are you to judge?”

She couldn’t believe that she was willing to give Finnick the benefit of the doubt just now. She had even waited for him so she could ask about what happened that year, but now all of that seemed unnecessary.

Vivian couldn’t help but slap herself inwardly. Did I actually feel a glimmer of hope when I saw him just now? What a joke. What did I expect? He already showed his true colors five years ago.

If he’s willing to slander me at the mere sight of Fabian standing next to me, then it’s entirely plausible that he was willing to go to that extreme to get rid of a child that he thought wasn’t his own!

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