Never Late, Never Away Chapter 575

“Finnick, this is my last warning. I’m not your wife anymore so mind your own business!” After yelling at Finnick, Vivian turned to walk into the hotel.

Fabian followed Vivian into the hotel. He wasn’t feeling very good either. After all, Finnick had just yelled at him for no reason.

Finnick felt his heart ache at the sight of Vivian walking away from him.

Her words had struck him hard. So I’m just a complete stranger to her now, huh? She was even willing to argue with me in public for Fabian’s sake!

Fine. Very well! Finnick’s rage grew with each passing moment.

Not far behind, Noah was watching Finnick and Vivian’s quarrel with regretful eyes.

Mr. and Mrs. Norton had been so in love with each other that Noah had never gotten the chance to see them argue this way.

Everything is my fault, he thought. If I didn’t do what I did all those years ago, they wouldn’t have become practically enemies and fight whenever they met.

Noah felt like his heart was being chewed up and stepped on. He knew that if only he spoke up, the two of them might get back together like before. But he didn’t have the guts to tell Finnick the truth about what happened then.

It was as if Evelyn’s words had been branded into his mind with a red-hot iron. His job, his future, his reputation, and his parents were all among the reasons stopping him from telling them the truth.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. He apologized over and over inwardly. That was all he could do. Deep down, he knew no one would ever forgive him. After all, he couldn’t even forgive himself.

Vivian no longer felt like interacting with anyone after the squabble she had with Finnick. Once she walked in, she immediately told Peggy and Fabian that she wanted to call it a night and go home early.

“Why are you going home so early? The party’s just started,” Peggy said with a pout.

After all, Peggy had bent over backward to convince Vivian to show up. She hadn’t even managed to talk to Vivian that much and yet Vivian was already leaving?

“Peggy, to be honest, I feel terrible right now. Let’s meet up another day, alright?”

“What happened? You were fine just now before going outside with Fabian.” Peggy’s eyes betrayed her anxiousness. “Did Fabian say something to you? If he dared to mess with you, he’s going to have to deal with me!”

“No, this has nothing to do with him.” Vivian quickly held Peggy back, who was already walking toward Fabian. “I don’t feel like talking about it right now, so please stop asking, alright?”

Peggy felt her heart ache for her friend when she saw the pain on Vivian’s face. “Okay, I’ll stop asking.”

Vivian nodded gratefully and rushed back to the Morrison residence.

Larry was already asleep by now. She collapsed on her bed the moment she stepped into her room. Her memories of her argument with Finnick only served to hurt her further.

You’ve grown much better at seducing other men. Vivian scoffed coldly. So that was all she was to Finnick now: a desperate, flirtatious harlequin.

Right as she was wallowing in her sorrow, someone knocked on her door. “Vivian, is that you? I want to talk to you about something.”

It was Benedict’s voice. Vivian quickly dabbed at her eyes and opened the door.

“What’s up, Ben? I thought you were at work,” Vivian said.

“You’ve been crying. What happened?” Benedict asked slightly angrily, having noticed Vivian’s reddened eyes immediately.

“Nothing. I was just looking through Larry’s old pictures and old memories kind of washed over me. I’m fine, Ben.”

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