Never Late, Never Away Chapter 579

The newbie was getting more excited as she was pretty sure that she had come up with the name for one of the most ideal people.

Unexpectedly, there was a pin-drop silence right after she had finished elaborating on her points. Some of the senior employees even gave her a look of sympathy. Mark Norton was undoubtedly an ideal candidate who fulfilled the requirements for the interviewee, yet none of them dared to mention his name. Anyone would have thought about this name effortlessly and suggested to Ms. Morrison, if not for the incidents that occurred a few years ago.

It’s impossible that she would approve it since she has been holding a grudge against him all this while. Let’s keep our fingers crossed so our innocent young newbie would not be reprimanded by her!

Vivian’s body stiffened the moment she heard the man’s name. Her fingernails sank deep into her palm, yet she did not feel the pain at all as her senses were overpowered by the abhorrence that was creeping into her heart. I wouldn’t have ended up enduring for five years overseas if he didn’t collude with Evelyn to set me up at that time! I almost lost my dear Larry because of them!

I must avenge their ruthless act and teach them a lesson!

As a plan gradually formed in her mind, she snickered silently. I must grab the opportunity this round to let the despicable man pay for what he has done!

Suppressing her exasperation and abhorrence toward Mark, Vivian tried to reply placidly, “Yeah, good idea. We can consider that.”

Everyone was stunned by Vivian’s approval. It’s unbelievable that she just agreed with it so sportingly! The newbie was not reprimanded by her as expected! Not the least bit of frustration could be sensed from her face too!

Vivian smiled and added, “I will interview him myself.”

Everyone was dumbfounded and at a loss for words again.

Vivian smiled bitterly at the sight of their quizzical and stunned expressions.

She was not surprised by that. It was undeniable that she was actually related to Mark in a complicated way.

The fact that she was Finnick’s wife years ago could not be erased from everyone’s mind even after their divorce. Meanwhile, as Finnick’s elder brother, Mark used to be her brother-in-law at that time.

Almost the same question popped up in everyone’s mind. She is not feeling awkward to interview Mark by herself now?

Vivian knew the reason why everyone could not resist whispering among themselves about her decision. Anyway, she could not stop everyone from wondering and gossiping about that too. After all that had happened in the past years, nothing appeared to be unbearable for her. Their reaction and gossips were nothing to her.

“Vivian, how about I go and interview Mark? I promise that I’ll get the mission accomplished,” Sarah volunteered with a concerned look.

She was not trying to get the credit, but it was solely because she was worried that Mark would trigger Vivian’s sad memory, causing her to dwell on her miserable past.

“Don’t worry. I can get it done.” Vivian smiled at her with gratitude.

Knocking lightly on the desk to silence everyone, Vivian raised her voice, “Silence please, I’ve decided on this. I’ll be the one to interview Mark Norton, but I need everyone’s help to carry out an investigation for me before that. The findings obtained via the investigation are really important for the interview session this round.”

Everyone exchanged their puzzled looks with each other again.

With a stern look, Vivian added, “Before the interview session, we need to have an investigation on the project that Mark Norton is currently working on. This is to double-check if there is any hidden plot behind the project. If we are able to detect anything amiss beyond others’ knowledge, that will be our greatest selling point to draw the readers’ attention.”

Everyone nodded in agreement upon hearing Vivian’s words. That was exactly how they should work in order to capture the most interesting part and turn the exclusive interview into a great success.

After that, they continued to brainstorm on a few other candidates to be interviewed. After finalizing the names, Vivian adjourned the meeting. Nevertheless, Sarah, Jenny, and a few other more trustworthy subordinates stayed back as instructed by Vivian. She assigned them the task to investigate the project that Mark was currently working on, and advised them to monitor him closely.

They promised that they would have the mission accomplished by all means.

Vivian was really occupied in the following week. She could not even allocate time to send Larry to school and fetch him after class. When they were having breakfast that morning, Larry even grumbled that it had been a long time since Vivian last accompanied him to have some fun.

As a sense of guilt surged within her, she could only try to please her son by embracing him affectionately, promising him that she would definitely bring him out again after settling her matter.

Larry could only agree with pouted lips, causing Vivian to feel sorry for him.

Nevertheless, she could not be distracted from the secret investigation on Mark. In order for their mission to be accomplished earlier, they could only gear up their effort on the investigation.

Two days had elapsed, yet there was still no news on the investigation. Vivian was becoming impatient and frustrated because of that. She did not believe that such a cunning person like Mark would ever run anything non-for-profit, yet she could not understand why nothing could be traced this round.

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