Never Late, Never Away Chapter 580

When Vivian was about to give up investigating him, Sarah gave her a call and updated her on something inspiring.

The moment she answered the call, Sarah reported to her in a pleasant voice, “Vivian, I’ve great news for you! We’ve finally detected some clues from our investigation!”

“Really?” Vivian asked excitedly as her eyes lit up. “What clue did you manage to trace? Send to me now!”

Ding Dong! Within seconds, there was a document icon displayed on her phone, indicating that a document was sent to her.

Her hand trembled with excitement as she clicked on the document to view it. Mark Norton, I’ve finally unveiled your mask for your true colors to be revealed!

“Vivian, even though we have managed to trace some clues, we did not manage to obtain concrete proof for it. Therefore, we’re still unable to charge him with anything.”

Sarah obviously sounded distressed as she lowered her voice. It’s really discouraging! We’re pretty sure that he has committed something illegal, yet there’s no way for us to charge him with that!

“What are we supposed to do now? Do you think you’re able to obtain the relevant proof?” There was profound anxiety in Vivian’s tone.

“The major challenge which we are facing now is we don’t know any attorneys or legal professionals whom we can consult for further actions to be taken. If anyone from the legal sector can guide us or assist us in collecting the related evidence, I’m sure things will be a lot easier for us,” Sarah explained patiently.

“Alright, I’ll try my best to contact any reliable attorneys to consult them on this. Don’t let your guard down and continue to monitor him closely. Try your best to see if you can detect any other awry things from him,” Vivian instructed her.

“Sure, Vivian. Don’t worry, we’ll try our best and won’t let you down!” Sarah answered confidently.

Nonetheless, Vivian could not help feeling insecure and advised her again, “Bear in mind that your safety is always the top priority. If you encounter any dangers, just put aside everything and retreat at once. Don’t put yourself at risk.”

“Don’t worry, Vivian. We’ll stay alert all the time. I’m sure there won’t be any problems.”

Vivian spent some time advising Sarah again before she finally ended the conversation and hung up the phone.

Attorney, attorney… I never known any, not to mention trustworthy ones! After all, Mark Norton is still considered public fame. How can I disclose anything to any attorneys? What am I supposed to do now?

A name suddenly flashed across her mind when she caught a glimpse of her phone. Ah! I can look for Hunter Yates! Perhaps he is able to help me!

She suddenly recalled that Hunter had ever told her he was an attorney who was quite reputed in the field. She did not really pay much attention to him at that time, yet it turned out to be something helpful just in time.

Vivian was in a dilemma as she was not sure if she should trust Hunter. Furthermore, he was Evelyn’s ex-classmate and had actually approached her earlier because of Evelyn. In that case, can I trust him and disclose everything to him?

Nevertheless, she did not have any other choices at the moment, other than giving Hunter a try.

Thinking of Hunter’s sincerity when he offered to be her friend that day, she finally made up her mind that she would trust him.

Since she had made the decision, she gave Hunter a call at once, asking him out for a meal.

On the other hand, Hunter thought that he was dreaming the moment he received Vivian’s call. It never crossed his mind that she would call him and even ask him out for a meal! On the instant, he was over the moon.

Initially, he thought of putting on a show by pretending that he was occupied at the moment and could not make it. He tried not to let Vivian sense how desperate he was by accepting her invitation immediately.

However, he changed his mind after thinking about the possibility that Vivian might not be contacting him again in the near future if he rejected her this round.

He presumed that there must be a reason why Vivian took the initiative to call him first. Considering that she might have an important matter to discuss with him, he decided not to drag her time.

Therefore, he gladly accepted her invitation. After hanging up the phone, he hopped into his car and sped off to meet her.

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