Never Late, Never Away Chapter 583

“Why do I need to? Isn’t it obvious? You’ve only been married once.” Hunter shrugged.

Vivian smiled to herself. Maybe she really was overthinking.

“Will you keep this secret for me? I don’t want Finnick to know about Larry’s existence,” Vivian pleaded. Larry was her whole world. She could not allow Finnick to take him from her!

“Of course I will. I’ve already promised you once before on the ship, don’t you remember?” Hunter said plainly. “Don’t worry,” he added when he saw the pain in her eyes. “I always keep my promises. I wouldn’t forget, even if you do someday.”

He seemed to hint at something as he said that. Vivian’s alarm bells rang faintly again, as she sensed that he was about to reveal something.

“Thank you,” she said, not daring to meet his eyes.

“Don’t be so formal with me,” Hunter replied somewhat affectionately.

His impression of Vivian changed completely after this encounter. She was stronger and more fearless than he could ever imagine.

Mark was a difficult individual to topple. Even with the might of Morrison Group on Vivian’s side, it was no easy feat. But Vivian did not give up. She was still tirelessly searching for leads against Mark.

Her independence and strength only served to attract him even more. What should he do? Hunter didn’t think he could tear his eyes off her.

Vivian sensed Hunter’s incessant gaze on her and felt deeply uncomfortable. Why isn’t he talking and why is he staring at me like that? This feels like an inappropriate way to look at a friend.

Unable to bear the borderline romantic tension between them, Vivian attempted to break the silence.

“You…” she started, but was interrupted by Hunter’s phone.

Hunter shot Vivian an apologetic glance and took the call. To his surprise and amusement, he saw that it was Evelyn who was calling him.

He answered the call without hesitation in front of Vivian. “Yes, what is it? I’m with Vivian now… would you like to join us?”

“Alright then, I’ll send you the address. See you in a bit.” Hunter ended the call and looked up at her.

Hunter sent Evelyn a text and turned back to Vivian. “It was Evelyn,” he explained. “She wants to meet me.”

Vivian’s heart skipped a beat upon learning that. “Hunter, you haven’t told her that I had already learned about her scheme, have you?” she asked tentatively.

“No Vivian, I did not. And do not plan to,” Hunter grumbled wearily. When would she learn to trust me unreservedly? ”I’ve promised you once before, and now I’m on your side. Of course, I wouldn’t tell her something like this.”

On her side? Hunter’s words troubled her. Since when did he become her ally? And where did this grumbling come from?

Since the day she had promised to be friends with him, his attitude towards her had been very strange.

Hunter used to try to butter her up, but she had been aware of his motives and consequently kept her distance as a spectator rather than as a participant. But now it seemed like Hunter really cared about her; she could feel it. It was a tangible concern and not at all like how he used to be.

But why? Was it as simple as he said? That they were just friends?

“Vivian, what’s wrong? What’s on your mind?” Hunter waved a hand in front of her face, confused by her sudden reverie.

“Oh, nothing,” Vivian said as she regained control of herself. “Thank you again for keeping my secret safe.”

“Vivian, how many times do you want to thank me today?” Hunter reiterated. “We don’t have to be this formal with one another.” When will she start to understand that he is not a stranger to her?

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