Never Late, Never Away Chapter 584

“I know,” Vivian said as she took a sip of tea. “By the way, when is Evelyn coming?”

“Not long now. She said she’s on her way over,” Hunter said. He swirled his cup of tea and watched as the leaves ebbed and flowed as if they were mirroring his feelings.

Vivian asked him about the specifics of the process of gathering evidence against Mark. She looked very serious, and Hunter left no detail out as he retold his efforts.

“It shouldn’t have been possible to collect all of these in such a short amount of time, and with such little ease too. There’s a phrase for this.” Hunter frowned. “Ah yes! Divine intervention. That was what happened.”

“Coincidentally, Mark had fired an assistant recently for airing his dirty laundry.” Hunter shot Vivian a glance; he felt like she didn’t need to hear the unsavory details.

Vivian guessed where he was heading from his expression. She furrowed her brows and nodded to encourage him.

“This assistant of his was dealing with the development of his hotel project. I don’t think he was too happy for getting fired over a reason like that.”

“When I found the assistant and offered him some incentives, he divulged a list of employees to me. It was a breeze to gather the evidence after that by going through the list.”

He lifted his cup and took a sip of satisfaction while he watched Vivian’s expression as if he was a child expecting praise.

However, Vivian was not looking at him. She looked down and laughed to herself. He got what he deserved! What should she do next to ensure that Mark gets the punishment he deserves?

Hunter did not obtain the reaction he expected, but he was contented to stare at Vivian without her raising objections as usual.

Before he just had to look at her to make her uncomfortable and she would look for excuses to leave his company. This time, she was so deep in thought that she did not notice him staring at her all this time.

Hunter was savoring his moment to stare at her as much as he desired. Come to think of it, he has not taken a good look at her before. Her eyes were huge, her nose was so sharp, her lips so…

Hunter unconsciously swallowed and realized in a panic that his mouth was bone dry. He hurriedly poured himself a cup full of water and gulped it down. He also reminded himself not to stare at where he was not supposed to. He wasn’t going to shoot himself in the foot now with all the progress he’d made with her.

This whole debacle went unnoticed by Vivian. Still deep in thought, it allowed for Hunter to resume his indulgence of studying her face.

She has such long lashes! She looks so pretty when she frowns…

Evelyn arrived not long after.

Upon entering Hatchen’s, she caught sight of Vivian, head bowed and deep in thought, while Hunter had his chin resting in his hand, with a big smile as he sat and watched her. They looked just like a couple in the budding stages of romance.

That sight pleased Evelyn a great deal. Looks like her plan is moving along nicely.

She looked at Vivian scornfully. What an inexperienced woman to be so easily seduced by Hunter. But Evelyn had no complaints; all of this only helped her plan.

When Hunter cruelly dumps you, let’s see how pleased you would look, Evelyn scoffed internally. You took the title of Ms. Morrison from me, but I will make sure that you know that I am superior, now and always.

Evelyn rearranged the malice and jealousy on her face into a big smile, then approached Vivian and Hunter’s table.

“Vivian, Hunter, my apologies. I hope I’m not interrupting.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Hunter said with a smile. He averted his eyes away from Vivian the instant he caught sight of her, but couldn’t help feeling a flash of frustration.

He stood up to help Evelyn with her wheelchair and said, “What can I help you with today?”

“What? Did you forget all about your little matchmaker? Can’t I meet you without a motive?” Evelyn laughed as she allowed her gaze to drift between Vivian and Hunter.

Hunter chuckled dryly but did not offer a response.

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