Never Late, Never Away Chapter 588

Benedict grunted in approval. “Have a good night,” he said to Larry and tousled his hair.

Back in Larry’s bedroom, Vivian tucked him in and patted him on the back. “What story would you like tonight, little pumpkin?” she asked in a gentle voice.

“The rabbit and the tiger, please,” Larry answered excitedly. It’s been a long time since Mommy told bedtime stories.

“Okay,” Vivian agreed and pecked Larry on the forehead. “Long ago in the forest lived a little white rabbit. One day, the mommy rabbit said…”

Under the lull of Vivian’s gentle storytelling, Larry dropped off very quickly.

She touched his cheek and felt her heart melt. At the same time, she steeled herself for what was to come, fuelled by the powerful love of a mother.

Vivian in the present has to be strong, unlike Vivian in the past. Only by being strong and powerful was she able to protect Larry, the Morrison name, and herself.

The next day, Vivian brought Sarah and Charlie, the photographer from the magazine company to Norton Corporation. Prior to that, Mark had an appointment with the magazine company.

“Alright, please have a seat. I will notify Mr. Norton,” the receptionist said when Vivian explained their purpose for visiting.

They nodded and took their seats on the couch.

Soon after, the receptionist came over. “Mr. Norton is expecting you in his office,” she said with a polite smile. “Please follow me.”

They entered the elevator. The higher up it went, the more Vivian felt her anxiety dissipate. Today is the day.

Mark awaited them with a big smile in his office. The opening of the hotel was undoubtedly the biggest project in a few years undertaken by Norton Corporation. Mark had put in a lot of effort in gaining the approval of the numerous relevant departments to make that happen.

Everything was in place. They just needed to make a media appearance to officially set this in motion. He foresaw the possibility of redirecting the traffic of the entire city to the street of the hotel once it opens.

Hmm! He and he alone made all of this happen. Finnick did not lift a finger. When the hotel is officially opened, his position within Norton Corporation will be secured once and for all. Finnick would not stand a chance to contest against him to lead.

Mark’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his door. He hurriedly rearranged his features into a welcoming smile.

“Come in.”

“Mr. Norton, the interviewers are here. Where would you like to conduct the interview?” the curvy receptionist asked coquettishly.

“Let’s do it here in my office. Let them in,” Mark said distractedly as he studied her body with lust-filled eyes.

“Right away, Mr. Norton,” she replied. She wiggled her buttocks and winked at him before departing.

Mark tugged at his tie in an attempt to subdue his urges. Little minx. You’re in for a rough night later.

Vivian was brought to Mark’s office promptly. At the sight of the stern and prim man on his throne, the facade of a successful entrepreneur, Vivian sneered grimly to herself.

At first sight, Mark felt like he’d seen Vivian before. He took a closer look and leaped out of his chair. “Vivian William, it’s you!”

“It’s an honor to me for you to remember me, Mr. Norton,” Vivian said wryly. “It’s been five years, hasn’t it?” “And it’s Vivian Morrison now. Mr. Norton, does the sight of me surprise you? Is it your conscience speaking?”

Mark had heard that Vivian William returned to the country and seemingly transformed herself into the heiress of the Morrison family. But he did not take much notice of that. She had divorced Finnick, anyway. He didn’t have to bother himself with her anymore.

But he did not expect to meet her again under these circumstances. Shouldn’t she be in a high-ranking position within Morrison Group? What business did she have with a magazine company?

And what did she mean by conscience? Could it be possible that she had found out that her kidnapping was orchestrated by Evelyn and himself?

Mark was instantly wary of the interview.

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