Never Late, Never Away Chapter 603

“Since you know who did it, I’m sure you have contributions to this Mark’s arrest too. Vivian. I’m really impressed with you!”

Vivian laughed and shook her head. In a joking tone, she replied, “You have done your part too. Remember you’re the one who found the clues?”

“Really?” Sarah grinned while jumping in excitement. “Oh yeah, I was the first to find out! I’m so impressed with myself too!”

Vivian found it really funny. “Alright, Sarah. I still have things to do. You should get back to work too.”

“Sure. I shan’t bother you now,” Sarah replied gladly and left the office.

Sarah’s happiness was so contagious that Vivian felt it too. At the end of the day, it was still a good thing. The only question she had was if Hunter was indeed the one who reported.

Thinking about it, Vivian decided to call Hunter.

“Hunter, were you the one who reported Mark?” Vivian questioned him directly.

Hunter was a little confused. He saw the news that was all over the internet too. “Nope, I would’ve discussed it with you if I’m doing it.”

“Then, who was it?” Vivian frowned slightly. “If it wasn’t you, nor me, then who could it be? Who else knew about it?”

Falling in deep thoughts, Hunter suddenly replied, “I think I know who that is, Vivian.”

“Who?” Vivian questioned anxiously.

“I think it’s Finnick. An attorney friend of mine told me some time ago that someone has asked him to carry out an investigation on Mark. I asked him out of curiosity, and he said it was Finnick. So I guess he’s the one. Though I’m not sure why he would do that.”

Vivian was a little stunned.

Finnick was the one who reported to the police?

But they were brothers. Could it be because of the inheritance? She couldn’t figure it out no matter what. It wouldn’t do Finnick any good for reporting his own brother. Instead, it would only bring down the name of Norton Corporation.

“Alright, thanks. I still have something else to settle, so let’s talk again. I’ll treat you to a meal when you’re free.” Hearing Hunter’s response, Vivian finally got a better clue of the whole situation.

She had actually met up with Mark a few days ago, asking him to confess to Finnick about what exactly happened to her back then. Looking at things now, she believed not only did Finnick find out about the truth, he had probably found out that the child she carried was actually his.

So was his motive to take revenge for little pumpkin and me?

With these thoughts in mind, Vivian seemed to have forgiven Finnick a little. Vivian now realized he wasn’t too heartless. At least her love for him did not go in vain.

With Mark’s dirty acts exposed, Vivian had finally exacted vengeance. But she actually felt a little apologetic to one person, that is, Fabian.

Fabian was different from Mark. He was not only true to himself but also treated her sincerely. He admitted to her how Mark and Evelyn had attempted to frame her. He did that all because he didn’t want her and Finnick to have any misunderstandings.

But now that Mark had been exposed, it’d mean that Fabian would become a criminal’s son. It was so drastic a change Fabian probably wouldn’t be able to accept.

Vivian thought it’d be better if she could meet him for a chat. She reached for her phone and gave him a call.

“Shall we meet at school then? We can go there for a walk.” Fabian’s voice sounded a little low. Vivian agreed to his request.

When she rushed over to the school, Fabian had already been waiting for her there. At that moment, she felt like she had returned to the old days when she was still studying.

It had always been like this. Every time they went back to school, Fabian would always wait for her near the gates. When Fabian saw her coming, he would run towards her and helped carry the bags in her hands.

But Fabian did not notice her arrival. Instead, his head was lowered as though he was lost in thoughts. He looked extremely tired and had lost the energetic self he always was. It must be because of Mark’s incident.

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