Never Late, Never Away Chapter 604

Vivian was a little heartbroken. She slowly approached Fabian while thinking about the good old days.

“When did you reach here? How long have you been waiting?” she asked in a soft tone.

Only then, Fabian realized Vivian’s arrival.

“Oh, you’re here.” He tried to look a little more spirited and pulled out a forced smile. “I just came and haven’t waited too long.”

Vivian nodded her head lightly in acknowledgment while she was a little lost for words.

“Let’s take a walk around? It’s been a long time since we’ve strolled the school compound,” suggested Fabian.


Walking on the roads they used to walk together, Vivian was in a turmoil of emotions.

“Vivian, my dad’s arrest…was it you who asked Finnick to make a report?” Fabian finally popped the question.

He vividly remembered Mark’s incomplete sentence that particular morning before he was taken away by the police. He blamed Vivian, so she must have something to do with it?

So it was indeed Finnick. Vivian thought to herself.

“I didn’t make him do it, but I can’t deny that I was indirectly involved.” She confessed. “Fabian, would you get mad at me?”

She knew that even if Fabian was to blame her, it was justifiable. She did not regret how things turned out to be, except that she was really apologetic towards Fabian.

However, Fabian shook his head. “I know very well what my dad is like. Everything on the internet was true. Thus, he did not get maligned but was only getting a taste of his own fruit right now. I’m pretty sure I can hold no one to blame.”

“Fabian…” Vivian was unsure how she should comfort him. “Don’t hold everything to heart. You have nothing to do with this whole thing.”

“But he’s my dad no matter what and he raised me since young.” Fabian looked a little caught in between. “How can I even pretend that nothing happened?”

Fabian’s words stumped her and she knew he made sense. Familial ties are the hardest to break.

“Vivian, what my dad did was unforgivable. But I know Finnick and you wouldn’t expose him for no reason. He must’ve done something hurtful right?”

Vivian was loss for words.

Yeah, she was no saint. She wouldn’t have investigated Mark had he not hurt her before. But she didn’t know how to explain it to Fabian.

Just like what he said, Mark’s still his father after all. She couldn’t bring herself to talk bad about a father’s wrongdoings right in front of his son’s face, even if the father’s deeds were evil.

Fabian knew Vivian was in a dilemma. “It’s fine if you don’t feel like telling me. I don’t feel like knowing to be honest. Either way, he’s still my…”

He just could not bring himself to face the fact and accept the reality. As a result, he stuttered a little at this point.

“Vivian, I know he must have done something malicious to you. I’ll apologize on his behalf and I won’t beg for your forgiveness, but I must apologize.” Fabian’s eyes were filled with sincerity and guilt.

“I’m sorry, Vivian. I’m sorry for the harm we’ve brought to you. I’m truly sorry.”

Vivian felt her eyes getting wet and holding back her tears, she responded, “Fabian, I don’t want to lie to you. I’ll never be able to forgive Mark. I can never forgive him for the things he did. I feel bad, but I’m unable to accept your apology on his behalf.”

My father must have done something extremely evil. Fabian was heartbroken. Vivian was the girl whom he liked from the bottom of his heart.

He wanted to give her everything he had so she could live a peaceful and worry-free life. What exactly did his closest family member do behind his back that would inflict so much resentment in her?

He knew her very well. Nobody else was like this girl who was so kind-hearted and magnanimous. What has she gone through that she’ll never be able to forgive someone?

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