Never Late, Never Away Chapter 609

After hearing Mark’s answer, Evelyn heaved a sigh of relief. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt your son without reason.”

“I hope you keep your word,” warned Mark uneasily. “If anything happens to Fabian, the police will be informed about that incident immediately.”

“I promise,” replied Evelyn smugly. Ha! Weren’t you arrogant earlier? Look, you’re agreeing to my conditions now.

Mark snickered and left.

His heart was full of remorse. I didn’t know my son would get involved in the end. Evelyn, you wicked woman! You’ll stop at nothing in order to achieve your target!

As her goal had been achieved, Evelyn wasn’t at all mad at Mark’s reaction. She pushed herself out of the room happily. Done. Time to deal with the next matter at hand.

She had just left the visiting room when Finnick appeared at the other end of the hallway. What a coincidence? We’re visiting Mark on the same day?

She hastily hid in the stairway next to her as her heart thumped anxiously. Luckily, I was fast enough to hide out of sight.

Evelyn patted her chest and poked out her head carefully. After watching Finnick entering the visiting room, she pushed herself out of the stairway and left hastily.

When Evelyn exited the prison gates, she finally exhaled a sigh of relief. Oh my, that was scary. I’ll be in trouble if Finnick saw me back there.

The driver spotted her exit and scurried over to push her wheelchair.

“Be careful!” Evelyn frowned and chided the driver for accidentally pushing her over a bump.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Morrison. I’ll be more careful,” replied the driver fearfully. Deep down, he was already cursing her.

Damn it, if I didn’t have to support my family, I wouldn’t be here right now. She’s the most annoying employer I’ve ever came across!

After making sure Evelyn was comfortable in her seat, the driver returned to his driver’s seat. He was sweating profusely by now.

“Ms. Morrison, are we…” he paused and hurriedly corrected himself. “Are you going to head home now?”

The driver could still remember how Evelyn roared at him previously, “There’s no we! I’m not the same as you!”

“No. I want to go to the hospital.”

Evelyn told him about the hospital’s address impatiently. After getting the address, the driver grunted in acknowledgment and drove off.

He had been scolded a couple of times before finally mastering the “steady” speed that Evelyn wanted.

Meanwhile, Mark came out to meet Finnick.

The former was terribly upset at Evelyn earlier, so when he saw Finnick, molten anger rolled through him instantly.

“How dare you come here!”

Finnick was feeling a little uncomfortable. It wasn’t because of Mark’s rude words.

At the sight of Mark clad in a prison uniform, haggard and disheveled, his hair an oily mess, Finnick felt sorry for his brother.

Mark was no longer his confident self but a beggar at the mercy of the justice system. At that moment, Finnick felt bad for his brother.

Yet, it was a fitting punishment for what he had done.

Seeing the sympathy in Finnick’s gaze, Mark’s anger heightened. This was something that he wished would never happen. How dare you?

“Finnick, you’re more ruthless than I’ve imagined. After all, you sent your own brother to jail. I am nowhere close to you.”

“You deserve it,” said Finnick indifferently.

“Yes, I deserve it,” admitted Mark. “But why did you go to this extent? What will you gain from exposing those matters? You own shares in Norton Corporation, too. Are you seriously going to ruin the Norton family?”

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