Never Late, Never Away Chapter 624

After listening to Evelyn’s explanation, Rachel couldn’t stop smiling. She was touched that Evelyn cared about her very much.

Evelyn murmured a response and quickly left the ward in her wheelchair. She didn’t even notice the smile of happiness on Rachel’s face.

As soon as she exited the ward, Evelyn took a deep breath and stopped hiding her repugnance for Rachel. I will never acknowledge her as my mom for the rest of my life! I would rather die than live in shame because of her!

Miles away, Vivian’s phone suddenly rang when she was working. She grabbed her phone and noticed that it was her mom’s call.

Vivian hastily answered the call. Given that Rachel hadn’t given her a call for a long time, she thought that Rachel had met with some emergencies.

“Vivian, did you look for Evelyn? She came to see me today,” Rachel said excitedly over the phone, “Besides, she agreed to donate her bone marrow to me! Thank you very much!”

“Really?” Vivian asked nervously. Why would Evelyn be so kind-hearted all of a sudden?

“Yes, it’s true. She’s in the hospital now to undergo the relevant check-up,” Rachel continued smilingly.

In that case, she isn’t giving mom an empty promise. Vivian was rather shocked. Well, was she moved by what I said?

“I’m coming to the hospital now to visit you. We’ll talk later. I’ll call you again when I arrive.” As Vivian found it hard to believe, she decided to check it out by herself in the hospital.

“Okay, I’ll wait for your call,” Rachel was still on cloud nine after hanging up the phone.

Vivian grabbed her bag and trotted downstairs. Then, she drove toward the hospital where Rachel was admitted to.

When Vivian arrived at Rachel’s ward, there was no one in it. She called Rachel and was told that both of them were undergoing relevant medical check-ups in another room.

She immediately asked for the location and ran toward the examination room. Finally, she saw Rachel and Evelyn inside.

“How is it?” Vivian asked while panting.

Before Rachel could say anything, Evelyn interrupted, “The doctor said that her condition isn’t satisfactory. Alas, it was my fault. Ms. Rachel would have recovered by now if I donated my bone marrow to her earlier.”

As she spoke, tears began to stream down her face. She grabbed Rachel’s wrinkled hands and said, “Ms. Rachel, I’m so sorry. It was my fault. I didn’t know that you’re severely ill. Why didn’t you tell me earlier about your illness?”

Rachel was heartbroken to see Evelyn cried. She immediately wiped away Evelyn’s tears and said, “Girl, how can you blame yourself for it? You don’t have to cry.”

The next moment, Evelyn felt disgusted once Rachel caressed her face. Damn it! When did I allow her to touch my face!

Nonetheless, because Vivian stood next to them, she couldn’t push Rachel’s hand away. Hence, she had no choice but to bear with her revulsion. Eww, why hasn’t she put her hand away? I mean… is she addicted to touching my face? I am going to vomit very soon!

Even though they seemed to be close to each other like a mother and a daughter, Vivian wasn’t touched by it. Instead, she unknowingly felt that the atmosphere was rather weird.

Evelyn seems to be totally different from who she was before. Is it possible for anyone to change her personality all of a sudden? Or does she have any hidden agenda to scheme against me?

After completing the check-ups, Vivian, Evelyn, and Rachel returned to the ward together.

Once they arrived, Evelyn grabbed Vivian’s hands and began sobbing. As Vivian was shocked, she couldn’t help but try to guess what Evelyn was trying to do.

“Vivian, can you lend me a hand? I’m begging you. Please help me.” Evelyn looked pitiful with tears all over her face.

Vivian looked at her bewilderedly. She didn’t understand what Evelyn meant.

Meanwhile, Rachel was heartbroken and said sobbingly, “Evelyn, please don’t cry. Tell us what it is about. Don’t worry because Vivian will definitely help you.”

“Really?” Evelyn pretended to be surprised and gazed at Vivian. “Vivian, will you really help me?”

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