Never Late, Never Away Chapter 635

After some time, Hunter suddenly opened his eyes. He was fully vigilant as he had heard the whirring of a wheelchair.

What is Evelyn doing here?

The moment she entered, her gaze met with Hunter’s. She greeted him with an indifferent tone, “You’re awake.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Hunter snorted in reply. When he noticed the probing look in her eyes, he knew that she was likely responsible for the assassination.

“Why did you take that blow for her?” Evelyn got straight to the point without an ounce of concern for Hunter’s condition.

“Didn’t you tell me to get close to her and gain her trust?” Hunter lied to Evelyn. So far, he hadn’t gotten Evelyn to trust him enough to share with him her plans.

“Although I am a lot closer to Vivian now, she still doesn’t trust me fully. Now that I have taken a knife for her, she will no longer doubt my feelings for her.”

Having spoken too much, Hunter aggravated his wound, causing him to grimace in pain.

“But, aren’t you making too big a sacrifice for it? Is it even worth it?” Evelyn probed as she didn’t believe in Hunter’s words. She was even worried that he had fallen for Vivian.

“Sacrifices will always be needed in the pursuit of women. I have never failed to pursue anyone who I fancy. Vivian will also not be an exception.”

Just as he spoke, Hunter faked a melodramatic look at Evelyn.

“Furthermore, as you have given me this task, I will definitely complete it by hook or by crook. Getting a little injury in the process is no big deal.”

Having heard what Hunter said, Evelyn put her suspicions to rest. After all, the Hunter she knew was relentless in his pursuit of women.

Wheeling herself in front of Hunter, she looked at him coyly. “As long as you help me ruin Vivian, there might be a possibility that things work out between us.”

“Make sure you keep your word?” Hunter’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Of course.” Evelyn smiled smugly to herself. Given the extreme lengths Hunter was willing to go to for her sake, she felt that her charm had not diminished one bit over the years.

When he saw that Evelyn could barely hide the smugness in her expression, he believed that she was taken in by his words.

Sprawling back down, Hunter’s face couldn’t help but grimace as the pain from the wound was indeed debilitating.

When she saw the suffering look on his face, Evelyn asked out of concern, “Are you alright? Does the wound hurt? Do you want me to get the doctor?”

This time, the concern she showed was sincere. After getting to know his thoughts, he had started to grow on her. This man really has good taste.

Between Vivian and me, any sane person would choose me, isn’t it? But why of all people Finnick chose Vivian? What’s so good about that wench? How can she even compare herself to me?

Holding that thought, Evelyn’s eyes were filled with jealousy. That was the reason why she wanted Vivian to be disposed of as Vivian was a reminder of her failure.

At that moment, Hunter didn’t notice the furious expression Evelyn had. Instead, he casually asked, “Did you plan Vivian’s assassination today?”

Just as he spoke, he looked at Evelyn and tried to observe her every reaction.

Evelyn replied with a smirk, “It wasn’t me.”

Furrowing his eyebrows slightly, Hunter naturally didn’t believe her. Other than her, who else hates Vivian to the extent of wanting to kill her?

“Who do you think is behind it?” Hunter probed as he continued to watch her.

“I don’t know.” Evelyn shook her head slightly before snorting, “Since she loves being the third party in the marriages of others, someone may be looking to exact revenge on her. Hmph! She should consider herself lucky that you saved her this time. Next time, I’m afraid that she wouldn’t be so lucky.”

As his eyes filled with resentment, Hunter regarded his own taste with disdain. The time he spent pursuing Evelyn during his university days was now considered a black mark on his life.

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