Never Late, Never Away Chapter 651

There was no longer fear in her heart. She bit his lips fiercely and immediately tasted a metallic tang in her mouth.

“F**k!” The man cursed as he did not expect to be bitten by her. In pain, he let go of her lips and stared at her with a slight annoyance in his eyes.

When did she learn this? She had never bit me before.

After he released her, Vivian was finally able to speak. “Finnick, what the heck are you doing? Let me go now!”

The man was a bit frustrated that Vivian recognized him, but at the same time, he was delighted. She does know me, after all…

Using his thumb to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, he took off Vivian’s black blindfold.

The blinding flash glared in her face, and Vivian closed her eyes subconsciously. Seeing this, guilt and compassion flashed through Finnick’s eyes. He quickly covered her eyes with his hands.

After getting used to the brightness, Vivian flung Finnick’s hand away. Seeing the man in front of her, she suddenly became enraged and struggled violently. “Let me go!”

With one hand, Finnick firmly held Vivian’s wrist in front of his chest. Although he had specially requested those people to make a rope out of fabric, he was still worried that it would hurt her.

Unable to struggle free, Vivian became angrier. “Finnick, untie the rope now! Why the heck did you bring me here?”

“I just wanted to talk to you.” Not paying attention to Vivian’s scolding, Finnick gazed at her with tenderness and affection. “Vivian, I miss you.”

“Is this how you show that you are missing someone?” Vivian scowled at him. “Do you know that you are breaking the law? If you don’t let me go, I swear I will sue you for kidnapping after I leave!”

“Then I will have to stay here with you forever so that you won’t have a chance to leave,” Finnick mumbled solemnly. At that moment, Vivian was unable to distinguish if he was joking.

“How dare you!” Discerning the seriousness in Finnick’s eyes, slight panic crept across her heart again.

“Well, I guess I’m just that kind of a risk-taker,” Finnick uttered softly, staring at her eyes. “But, I’m not willing to.”

“Finnick, you…” Vivian was lost for words, feeling she was being fooled.

Upon Vivian’s speechlessness, Finnick gave a petty laugh. “Vivian, I was joking with you.”

“I’m not in the mood for jokes. Untie me now!” Vivian was about to go nuts by the minute.

Here I am, being kidnapped by my ex-husband for no reason. Could this be any more absurd? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

“If I untie you, you will leave,” Finnick murmured with helplessness in his tone. “Vivian, how long have we not spoken properly? Don’t worry. I just want to chat with you for a while. I will ask Noah to send you back later.”

Seeing that Finnick had insisted on keeping her hostage, Vivian turned her head aside in frustration and ignored him. Is this the Finnick I know? He even dares to kidnap me now!

With an outstretched arm, Finnick touched Vivian’s cheek gently as he gazed at her, his heart aching when he did so. “Vivian, we haven’t seen each other for so many years. Don’t you miss me at all?”

That question brought back her bitter memories once again. Right then, Vivian suddenly remembered the time she gave birth to Larry.

Due to the abnormal fetal position, she suffered a lot during delivery. Where were you when I needed you the most? Where were you when I suffered through the pain all alone in the labor room?

Vivian tried hard to prevent her tears from falling. “No, not a single bit. You have no idea how happy my life is without you.”

“Is that so?” Finnick smiled bitterly. “But I’m not happy at all. For the first two years, I could still sense your presence everywhere, but it turned out to be my own imagination. Vivian, did you know that all these years, I’ve… “

“Please just stop!” Vivian interrupted Finnick abruptly. “It’s all in the past, and there’s no chance that we’ll get back together. So what’s the point of saying all these now?”

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