Never Late, Never Away Chapter 652

If you missed me so much and couldn’t bear to let me go, why did you force me to abort my child back then? Why did you want to be with Evelyn? Are all men heartless liars like you?

“Is… is this really the end?” Finnick asked after hearing Vivian’s words. His expression was full of tension.

“Yes.” Vivian replied softly but firmly.

“Why?” Finnick became anxious. He was unintentional about what happened back then. Why isn’t Vivian willing to give me a chance?

“No reason,” Vivian said, “I don’t like you anymore, so naturally, I won’t be with you again.”

“Is it because of Hunter? Are you with him now?” Is she really in love with another man? Is that why she won’t give me a chance to atone for my mistakes?

Hearing Finnick’s words, Vivian almost laughed. He still had trust issues like before. That tragedy would not have happened if he had not doubted that the child was not his.

Even now, he’s starting to suspect that there’s something between Hunter and me when I’ve only been seen with him a few times.

Although Vivian had no intentions to be with Finnick again, she did not plan to lie to him either. It was exhausting enough to deceive Evelyn. With the addition of Finnick, she had no doubt her mental state would be in shambles.

“No, I’m not seeing anyone,” Vivian answered emotionlessly.

“Really?” A hint of joy surfaced on Finnick’s face. “Vivian, since you’re not seeing anyone, why don’t we…”

“There is no ‘we’!” Vivian glared at Finnick, fuming with rage. “Even if I am not with Hunter, I will never be with you. Period. I told you – there’s no chance between us, so please let me go now.”

Seeing how determined Vivian was, Finnick’s heart ached. Despite that, he had made up his mind and would not give up easily.

“Vivian, I know what I did five years ago was wrong. I’m really sorry. But I totally understand that you’re unable to forgive me that easily. I get it.”

“I am glad you understand. However, we could never return to the past, so letting me go is the best choice. From now on, let’s go our own way.”

She said it coolly, without an expression on her face. Yet, for some reason, she still felt an unexplainable sadness in her heart, knowing that Finnick would give up on them.

It must be because of Larry. Larry has never been with his biological father since the day he was born. And I am afraid that he will never have this opportunity in the future. It is my fault that he grew up without a father… It’s all my fault.

Shaking his head, Finnick got closer to Vivian, the tips of their nose almost touching.

“You misunderstood what I meant. I won’t give up on you. I gave you up once five years ago, so I won’t let this happen again ever again. I swear!” Finnick uttered with an earnest tone. “Vivian, I’ve decided that I want to start pursuing you again.”

Vivian was stunned by Finnick’s words. Huh? What did he just say? He wants to start pursuing me again?

It took a long time for Vivian to digest this. Calming down from the shock, she pushed Finnick away. “I told you – it’s over.”

“In that case, I’ll start from anew!” Finnick got up from Vivian’s body and untied the rope that bound her hands and feet.

Finnick stood in front of the sofa. “Vivian, I know that the way I brought you here today is inappropriate. But if I don’t do this, I’m afraid you won’t agree to meet. Now that I’ve finished what I wanted to say, I’ll ask Noah to take you back.”

After that, Finnick took out his phone and made a call, asking Noah to come up immediately.

Hanging up the phone, Finnick looked at Vivian hesitantly. “Vivian, do you have anything else you’d like to tell me?”

Rubbing her burning wrist, Vivian shook her head. Except for her rejection, she did not know what else she could say to Finnick.

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