Never Late, Never Away Chapter 655

“Vivian, why are you so late? Something big has happened!”

Hearing that, Vivian regained her senses immediately. When she saw other colleagues were also looking at her with worried expressions on their faces, she felt like something terrible happened.

“What’s going on?” queried Vivian with a stern expression on her face.

“Our magazine company was acquired by a big company!” replied Sarah nervously.

Vivian was shocked at the former’s words and frowned as she asked, “What? Why didn’t I receive the news from the head office? Who did you hear that from?”

Right when Sarah was about to answer the former, another colleague cut her off, “This morning, a person who claimed to be the general manager’s assistant of Century Media came and informed us that our magazine company was acquired by their company. But there is no manpower shift within our company. You’re still the Chief Editor. Oh, by the way, he asked you to attend a meeting in their company this afternoon.”

Vivian heaved a sigh of relief when she heard that because there was a silver lining in the incident. At least there’s no personnel change. Otherwise, I won’t know how to explain to the colleagues with whom I interact on a daily basis.

But that’s odd! This incident happens too abruptly. I haven’t heard anything about this before.

As far as I know, Century Media is an entertainment company that has been progressing well and has a good reputation in the industry. Since they had bought over our magazine company, it’s weird that they don’t make any personnel changes and still keep current staff. Although this is what made me felt relieved, it doesn’t make sense at all.

With those thoughts running wild in her head, Vivian had a bad premonition. She felt that something terrible was about to happen.

“Alright. At the very least, there’s no personnel change in our company. This is not a bad thing. We can still work together. Get back to your work now. I’ll tell you more about that after I attend the meeting later.”

After comforting the staff, Vivian went back to her office. However, she couldn’t focus on her work at all.

The whole incident is extremely strange! What on earth is going on?

Meanwhile, the other colleagues in the magazine company were the same as Vivian. They weren’t in the mood to work at that time and were chatting about the company’s acquisition.

In the afternoon, Vivian arrived at Century Media on time based on the address given. When the receptionist heard Vivian’s name, she immediately took the latter to the meeting room on the second floor.

By the time Vivian entered the meeting room, she was utterly stunned when she saw the person sitting at the head of the table. Why is Finnick here? I’ve never heard that he is related to Century Media.

Upon seeing Vivian stood rooted at the entrance, the staff who was standing aside walked towards her hurriedly and said softly, “Are you Vivian? This is your seat. The meeting is about to begin. Please be seated.”

Coming back to her sense, Vivian followed the staff to her seat deliriously while thinking about how Finnick was related to the acquisition of her company.

Soon, the meeting began. Finnick didn’t look at Vivian even once. He just focused on listening to the work reports from the supervisors of each department, pointed out their mistakes, and set the following goals in their works.

Vivian didn’t focus on the meeting at all. She was dying to know what exactly was going on. Actually, she wanted to ask the people around her, but she was afraid to do so because she didn’t know any of them.

At that time, a girl who sat beside her noticed that she looked anxious. Then, the former whispered, “Are you the Chief Editor of the magazine company that our company recently acquired?”

“Yes, I am,” Vivian answered hastily and asked, “Do you know why is Finnick here? Isn’t he the president of Finnor Group?”

“You don’t know?” That girl looked at her, baffled. Then, the former explained, “Century Media is the subsidiary of Finnor Group. Naturally, Mr. Norton is our boss. It’s him who decided to buy over your magazine company yesterday. But we just did not expect he would take action that fast.”

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