Never Late, Never Away Chapter 656

“Anyway, we are colleagues from now on. I’m looking forward to working with you.” That girl smiled brightly.

Vivian plastered a smile on her face and replied, “I’m excited to be working with you too.”

It’s Finnick! What is he trying to do? When Vivian recalled what Finnick said yesterday, a fresh swell of rage rose in her. Finnick, you scumbag! How dare you treat my work as a joke!

Just as Vivian was still simmering with rage, she heard Finnick’s voice, “The last one is our new staff, Vivian Morrison, the Chief Editor of the magazine company. Ms. Morrison, please tell me about the work progress of the magazine company.”

She had no courage to question Finnick in front of everyone, so she suppressed her wrath and followed Finnick’s order.

After listening to Vivian’s report, Finnick didn’t respond to that. Instead, he said, “Ms. Morrison, since it is part of the job, you have to drop by Century Media every week to report the work progress of the magazine company to me in person. That’s all for today. We’ll end the meeting here.”

With that, Finnick got up and was ready to leave the meeting room.

Vivian called out his name in a panic when she saw the former walked past her. “Mr. Norton, I have to ask you something.”

Without looking at Vivian, Finnick continued walking and replied formulaically, “Follow me to my office.”

At that, Vivian clenched her hands into fists and followed him closely.

The minute both of them left the meeting room, the staff in the room exploded into a discussion.

“What’s wrong with Mr. Norton? Report work progress every week? I think he meddles too much.”

“Ms. Morrison looks quite pretty. Could it be that Mr. Norton fancies her, so he asked her to report the work progress to him that frequently?”

“Hmm… Your words make sense. If not, why did Mr. Norton buys the magazine company in a hurry and even keeps their current staff?”

At that moment, a male colleague couldn’t bear listening to their speculations anymore and said, “Hey, guys. Are you serious? Don’t tell me that you don’t know anything about the relationship between Mr. Norton and Ms. Morrison.”

“Do you have any insider information? Quick, tell us!” Hearing his words, everyone got excited and urged him.

“Guys, after all, we are in the media industry. How can you know nothing about our boss’ gossips? The Chief Editor, Ms. Morrison is our boss’ ex-wife!” said the male colleague with a proud expression on his face.

“What? Are you sure the information is credible?” A look of shock flashed across everyone’s faces upon hearing that.

“Yes. I’m completely certain of it.” That man answered firmly.

After an astonishing moment, the staff’s incredulity transformed into comprehension.

“So, why did Mr. Norton all these things? Is he trying to get his ex-wife back?”

“I think so. If not, is there a need for Mr. Norton to go through so much trouble?”

“Then, do you think his ex-wife will agree to get back together with him? Do we need to greet her more politely when we see her next time?”

Meanwhile, Vivian was questioning Finnick angrily in the latter’s office. She didn’t know that her relationship with Finnick had already spread like wildfire in the new company at that time.

“Finnick! What exactly are you trying to do? Why Did you acquire the magazine company?”

Finnick didn’t mind that Vivian shouted at him hot-temperedly. When he heard her words, he replied with a gentle tone, “Vivian, I already told you yesterday. I want to get back together with you.”

“So you treat my work as a joke?” Vivian felt that the former had gone off the rails.

“I didn’t treat your work as a joke. I have thought of it thoroughly before making the decision. Century Media can help in the development of the magazine company. It can provide your company with better media and financial support. Moreover, I’ve retained all current staff.”

“Do you think I will feel grateful to you for doing that?” Vivian’s words came out in a mocking tone. Is he trying to take credit for what he had done?

Upon hearing that, Finnick approached Vivian and replied, “Vivian, I’m not asking for your gratitude. I just want to get closer to you. We can work together from now on. Isn’t this a good thing?”

“No! I don’t think so!” Vivian stepped two steps back and pulled away from Finnick. Then, she continued, “I can’t work with you! I want to resign!”

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