Never Late, Never Away Chapter 657

Is she willing to forsake her job to run away from me? Finnick’s heart ached because he could vividly recall the passion she had for her job.

He kept his emotions to himself and provoked her. “Are you sure? The Vivian I used to know would never give up easily!”

“Vivian William had passed on five years ago! Currently, you’re talking to Vivian Morrison! I will never allow you to get the better of me again!”

After Vivian yelled at Finnick, she stomped her steps away. Does he really think he’s able to threaten me? No way!

Staring at Vivian’s departing figure, Finnick sank into his chair. His hands unwittingly balled into fists when he recalled the words she had enunciated.

She’s still the one and only Vivian I know! He was certain she was the one and only he had in mind. Therefore, he refused to give up just yet.

On her way back to the magazine company, Vivian couldn’t make up her mind if she should tender her resignation. Truth be told, she couldn’t bear to leave her job and her fellow colleagues.

After their collective effort over the past two months, the sales of the company had drastically increased. She might regret her action should she leave when the best was about to come.

On top of that, she had a great time working alongside her colleagues. They had formed a dynamic working relationship. Should she quit, she would have to start all over again.

However, if she refused to quit, she would have to encounter Finnick at least once a week. She was particularly against that. What should I do? Isn’t there a win-win situation?

She returned to the magazine company with the issue unsolved. The moment she walked into the office, she heard her colleagues cheering.

Caroline was the first to drag Vivian over to the computer. “Look! The result for the total copies of the latest issue sold is out! We’re still the champion! I can’t believe it!”

“Are you serious?” Vivian was equally thrilled. She moved the mouse and perused the data on the screen.

“Vivian, it’s all thanks to your interview with Hunter! You’re awesome! I can already foresee the future of our company under your guidance!” Sarah rushed over and wrapped her arms around Vivian.

“She’s right, Vivian!” Ken, who was aside, played along and asserted, “I can’t believe we’re the champion twice in a role! We’re no longer the same in the industry!”

“Do you have any idea how proud I am? One of my friends from the industry asked me if there’s any vacant slot! He said he wanted to join the company because of the bright future awaiting him!”

“Our Chief Editor is the best! Hip hip hooray!” Someone initiated the cheers and started expressing their admiration. It was evident they really appreciated Vivian’s effort.

“Wait!” Sarah stopped her colleagues and said, “We should get her to treat us to a meal!”

Applauding, the rest of the crowd started cheering, “Please buy us a meal, our beloved Chief Editor!”

Vivian was overwhelmed with a sense of achievement when she caught a glimpse of her colleagues’ expressions. They were serious when they said they truly appreciated her effort.

Thus, she gave up on the thought of tendering her resignation because she couldn’t bear to leave her team after the series of events they had gone through. She wasn’t the one at fault back in the days. In other words, she wouldn’t have to run away from him.

When she made up her mind, she felt as though a heavy boulder had been lifted off her shoulders. I need to stop overthinking things! It doesn’t really matter if I’m going to run into Finnick at least once every week! It’s nothing but part of my job!

Vivian shrugged her concerns off her mind once she made up her mind. She decided to devote herself to the series of challenges in store for her.

Instead of overthinking things that had yet to occur, she decided to live in the moment and enjoy doing things she was passionate about.

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