Never Late, Never Away Chapter 660

“See you again, Mr. Norton.” Vivian nodded and walked out of the office.

Staring at her departing figure, Finnick’s eyes flickered in misery.

Whenever she walked away from him, he would feel as if she was about to leave him forever. He was determined to brace himself until the day she returned to him. Someday, he would keep her by his side forever.

Meanwhile, the moment Vivian returned to her office, her pumped-up colleagues surrounded her again. “Vivian, have we acquired the consent from our higher-ups to conduct an interview with Hunter?”

Vivian shook her head with a serious expression and said, “Unfortunately, we need to come up with another candidate.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Hunter is the only one I have in mind! What’s going on with those from the headquarter?”

“Duh? How are we supposed to get someone else for the interview? I guess Norman is our only choice.”

“Are we able to top the chart for three consecutive months? I’m still waiting for a pay raise after achieving a seemingly impossible feat!”

When the rest of the staff heard the bad news, they started complaining. They were equally dejected with despair written all over their faces.

“Let’s forget about the bad news for the time being because I have another great news for everyone!” Vivian announced with a bright grin, interrupting the sulking bunch.

“What is it?” Sarah asked in a hushed voice because she was overwhelmed by the bad news.

Initially, she had the draft and the composition of Hunter’s upcoming interview ready. To her surprise, things turned out the other way. I need to do everything from scratch again! I guess there goes my weekend, huh?

“Since the last two issues had topped the chart of Sunshine City, the company has decided to conduct a trip to Pillere Island over the next weekend! All the expenses will be covered by the company!”

Vivian was surrounded by her colleagues once again when they heard the great news.

“Are you serious? We’re going abroad for a trip over the next weekend?”

“Oh, God! The higher-ups are such a generous bunch! I love my boss!”

“That’s wonderful! I can’t believe I finally get to take a breather! I’m on the verge of losing my mind after all the things we have been through!”

The sulking bunch cheered and felt as though they had taken a trip from hell to heaven within a few minutes.

“Calm down, everyone! We’ll depart on the upcoming Friday! Please get everything ready by then, but for the time being, let’s return to work because we’re still in the middle of working hours!” Vivian beckoned her colleagues back to their seats.

They returned to their respective seats with a bright grin. Happiness was in the air throughout the rest of the day.

After Vivian returned to her office, she gave Finnick’s instructions another thought and found them contradicting. It felt as though it was compensation for the misery he had caused.

Soon, it was Friday. Vivian made her way to the airport right away because she had told everyone to gather at the airport at ten o’clock in the morning.

To her surprise, the moment she reached the airport, she saw someone whose name wasn’t on the list—Finnick.

Can anyone tell me the reason he’s here? Why haven’t I heard of anything about him tagging along? If I’m aware he’s tagging along, there’s no way I’m making the trip! However, I can’t possibly call off the trip when I have reached the airport, can I?

“Vivian!” Sarah and Vivian’s colleagues rushed over and showed her the way in immediately. “Is Finnick the mysterious man who has acquired the company? He showed up out of nowhere and said he would be tagging along with us!”

Vivian nodded and announced, “As of now, Century Media is a subsidiary of Finnor Group.”

Sarah was dumbfounded. She probed further, “Why? Does that mean you have returned to the headquarter for a meeting with Finnick? Has he acquired the company because of you?”

“You need to stop overthinking things because he has acquired our company for financial gains and opportunities in the market.” Vivian denied it, yet she knew that wasn’t the case.

“Oh…” Sarah had her doubts but decided to play along with Vivian. Seconds later, she asked, “Vivian, are you still coming along? When others figured out he was the mysterious man behind the acquisition, they had been wondering the sort of relationship you had with him.”

If I don’t make the trip, isn’t it obvious something fishy is going on between us?

“Of course! It’s not a big deal, isn’t it? Why can’t I make the trip when we’re merely colleagues?” Vivian responded with a smile and approached Finnick.

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