Never Late, Never Away Chapter 661

“Hello, Mr. Norton.”

“Hey…” Finnick peered into Vivian’s eyes in an intimate manner, showing her the affection he had for her. “I decided to tag along without informing you beforehand. Is it going to cause you a lot of trouble?”

Vivian forced a smile and stated, “What are you talking about, Mr. Norton?”

She’s not the same anymore. Back in the day, she had a hard time flattering others against her will, but the woman in front of me can easily conceal her emotions. Finnick noticed the differences and felt a heart-wrenching sensation deep down.

Since the center of everyone’s discussion had shown up, the bustling crowd kept their mouths shut and had their eyes glued to the duo.

Staring at the duo’s formal interaction, they started speculating the sort of relationship they had in their minds. Considering the fact they’re getting along, have they patched things up? Are they getting into another relationship?

“Mr. Norton, please excuse me because I need to check in my luggage.” After exchanging the customary pleasantries, Vivian brought her things away with her and was about to leave.

“Hold on!” Finnick went after Vivian and took over one of the luggage she had. “It’s way too heavy! Allow me to help you!”

As his subordinate, I’m not supposed to defy his words, am I? I guess I have to allow him to do me the favor.

Vivian tried her best to suppress the wrath she felt and forced a courteous smile, playing the role of the man’s subordinate. “Thank you so much, Mr. Norton!”

“Why don’t you hand over the other one to me as well?” Finnick pointed at the other luggage Vivian had.

“It’s fine, Mr. Norton! I can carry that with me!” She waved and turned him down.

The duo departed one after another and made their way in the direction of the baggage drop-off counter under everyone’s attention.

The crowd engaged themselves in another round of heated discussion after they walked away.

“Do you think Mr. Norton has acquired the company because of the Chief Editor?”

“Probably! Otherwise, why would someone want to acquire our company out of the blue?”

“Haven’t they filed for divorce? Why do they seem to be so ambiguous?”

“I’m sure he’s trying to win the Chief Editor back again! I mean, why else would he want to tag along with us for a meaningless trip?”

“You’re right! I’m pretty sure that’s the case! Judging by her response, I think there’s a huge probability she’s going to say yes!”

“I guess humans tend to stay in their comfort zone, huh?”

When Shannon heard their discussion, she clenched her fist with all her might. Wrath and jealousy could be seen in her burning eyes.

Why has God been so unfair? Why does Vivian get all the good things in life?

She had the chance to get married to the exceptional and wealthy Finnick when she was merely a nobody! Although Finnick was bound to a wheelchair back then, he was the most exceptional bachelor in Sunshine City. Literally, he was every woman’s crush.

Shannon was glad they filed for divorce, but she soon found out Vivian was the successor of Morrison Group. In short, Vivian’s life had taken another drastic change for the better over the night!

Although Vivian was the successor of the almighty Morrison family, she couldn’t threaten Shannon at all because she made her way to A Nation shortly after the shocking revelation.

To Shannon’s surprise, five years later, Vivian returned to the company with a brand new identity. Once Vivian was back, she took over Shannon’s role as the Chief Editor.

Shannon would grit her teeth whenever she took part in a meeting conducted by Vivian because she was supposed to be the team’s leader.

When she thought things couldn’t get worse, she found out Finnick was on a journey to patch things up with Vivian.

Oh, God! How am I supposed to surpass her if she’s both Mrs. Norton and Ms. Morrison? Ugh! It’s so unfair! Am I destined to be inferior to Vivian for the rest of my life?

On the other hand, when it was time to board the plane, Vivian heaved a sigh of relief because she could finally stay away from Finnick during the flight.

She was greatly irked by his presence, yet she had to force a smile and keep her frustration to herself because of others’ presence.

When they boarded the plane, she noticed things couldn’t possibly be worse because she was seated right next to Finnick. She stopped suppressing her wrath and had her back facing others, glaring at Finnick in the eyes.

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