Never Late, Never Away Chapter 662

She knew it wasn’t a mere coincidence—he must be behind the odd seat arrangement.

On the other hand, Finnick was confused by her glare, but he noticed the reason behind it when he saw the crumpled boarding pass in her hand.

The man exclaimed, “Oh! It turns out you’re sitting beside me? That’s such a coincidence!”

Vivian got up from her seat and wanted to change her seat with Sarah or Caroline, but when she turned around, she saw everyone with their eyes on them.

She recalled the conversation she had with Sarah and thought it wouldn’t be wise to change her seat.

In the end, the frustrated woman turned around and brought herself back to her initial seat.

Finnick felt helpless when he caught a glimpse of Vivian’s response. He wondered if it was the right decision to get Noah to get Vivian seated right next to him.

“Finnick, what the heck do you want?” Vivian confronted the man in a hushed voice.

He replied in a serious manner, “I’m trying to get to know my staff better.”

“Finnick!” If it weren’t because of her colleagues, Vivian would have long cast her phone in Finnick’s direction. Getting to know your staff? What kind of joke is this?

Sighing wearily when he saw Vivian’s puckered face, Finnick said, “Vivian, I just want to spend some time with you.”

“Is that reason behind this entire trip?” she asked in a callous tone.

“That’s merely a part of the reasons because I meant it when I said I wanted to reward the team for a job well done. It’s not easy to top the chart twice in a role,” Finnick repeated himself.

Vivian’s expression finally eased up when she heard Finnick’s words, but she had no intention to talk to him anymore. She reached for the blindfold she had with her and turned around, facing him with her back.

Finnick knew that was the end of their conversation. It was destined to be a long journey for him to win her over again.

Initially, Vivian pretended she needed to sleep to avoid having a conversation with Finnick, but shortly after she closed her eyes, she started falling asleep for real.

Perhaps it was due to the odd posture—she had a hard time sleeping. Unwittingly, she turned around and had her face facing Finnick.

Finnick gulped when he saw Vivian’s velvety lips beneath the pink blindfold. What’s going to happen if I try to kiss her when she’s asleep?

He pondered the possible consequences of his action over and over again.

In the end, he decided to give up. Since they were surrounded by Vivian’s subordinates, he didn’t want them to talk about her behind her back.

It must be pretty uncomfortable, isn’t it? Should I move over and let her sleep on my shoulders? It’s going to feel better, isn’t it?

He inched over in her direction once he made up his mind.

“Vivian, we have reached our destination. Hey, wake up, Vivian…”

When Vivian was having a great time sleeping, she heard someone calling her. She became wide awake as soon as she removed the blindfold and saw the man in front of her.


She raised her head and noticed she had been sleeping on his shoulder all this while. The confused woman couldn’t help but wonder if she had moved over in her sleep.

Embarrassed, Vivian stuttered because she was at a loss for words to explain herself. “I-I’m so sorry… I-It wasn’t part of my plan… I-I…”

She took a peek at his shoulder and flushed when she noticed the stain on his shirt. Vivian blamed herself for drooling in her sleep and found herself embarrassing.

On the other hand, Finnick enjoyed being around the helpless Vivian. He drew a few tissues and wiped his shirt while asserting, “It’s not a big deal. Shall we alight from the plane?”

“O-Oh… S-Sure…” Vivian’s mind was all over the place. After she retrieved her luggage, she joined the rest of the team, alighting from the plane.

Why have I fallen asleep in the first place? How am I supposed to carry myself in front of him in the future? Vivian couldn’t stop blaming herself for the embarrassing incident.

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