Never Late, Never Away Chapter 663

Finnick grinned when he saw Vivian fleeing in the direction of the entrance. He thought the easily embarrassed and helpless woman was the one he used to know back in the day.

Never would he think she would turn into such a capable and exceptional woman over a few years. He secretly wished he could turn back time to salvage the moment they had.

It was a hassle-free trip. After they alighted from the plane, the party boarded the car to the hotel because Finnick had Noah sorted everything out beforehand.

Vivian finally got away from Finnick. Once she boarded the car, she took the seat next to Sarah. Finnick had no choice but to take a seat behind them.

Pillere Island had always been known for its breathtaking views. On their way to the hotel, the thrilled bunch was in awe because of the breathtaking scenery along the way.

“Vivian, look at the blinding shade of turquoise seawater! Oh, God! What’s with those sparkling sand? It must feel great if we can run on the beach with our bare feet!” Sarah expressed her excitement.

Vivian responded with a smile and looked out the window, staring at the beach.

She was a huge fan of tropical islands and couldn’t wait to spend some time in Pillere Island, feeling the salty ocean breeze and the scorching sun. A simple glance made her felt as though she could shrug everything that had been bothering her behind.

When Finnick saw Vivian’s smile, he responded in a similar manner because he recalled the conversation they had. She used to tell him she couldn’t wait to visit countries with islands and beaches with him because she was a huge fan of oceans.

They had all sorts of tentative locations planned out for them to drop by during their free time. Unfortunately, they never had the chance to execute their plan.

Therefore, he had decided to conduct the trip to Pillere Island to atone for his sins. It wouldn’t matter if Vivian couldn’t figure out his intention because the smile on her face was all it would take to please him.

When they reached the hotel, the thrilled bunch couldn’t help but be impressed by their supervisor with a deep pocket. They were grateful to be given the opportunity to spend time in such a lavish resort because of their Chief Editor.

Apart from Finnick and Vivian, the rest of the team would have to share a twin room with another person. They weren’t particularly against the idea since one of them was the Chief Editor, whereas the other one was the sponsor of the trip.

After they received their respective access card, Finnick approached Vivian and said, “Why don’t you bring them back to their room first? I need to give Noah a call and sort out some official duties. I’ll join you guys in a while. The guide will deal with the itinerary for the rest of the day.”

“Okay.” Vivian, who was still embarrassed by the incident in the flight, avoided Finnick’s gaze and nodded. “You should get going. I’ll tell them the upcoming agenda.”

“Mmm.” Finnick departed after he responded with a smirk, behaving as though he was up to no good.

Once Vivian returned to her subordinates, she repeated Finnick’s words and said, “Let’s take a short break in our respective room for the time being. The guide will approach us for the next agenda soon.”

“Okay!” the rest of the party answered simultaneously before returning to their room with their luggage.

When Vivian was about to return to her room, an employee of the hotel approached her and greeted her with fluent English, “Please allow me to help you with your luggage.”

Vivian was surprised. She asked, “Are you from our country?”

The employee showed her the way to the elevator and said, “Yes, but I have started a job here two years ago.”

Vivian rushed over and countered, “Actually, I can do it myself. Why don’t you tend to other customers?”

Grinning, he replied, “It’s not a big deal, Miss. Someone has offered me a tip beforehand.” He was overjoyed because it was one of his lucky days—a generous tip was offered in return for his service.

When she heard him, she frowned and thought to herself. Who could it be? Finnick?

The elevator reached the floor before Vivian could figure out the person the employee was talking about. When he showed her the way out of the elevator, she noticed her room was on the highest floor of the hotel.

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