Never Late, Never Away Chapter 664

To be precise, her room was the only room on that particular floor. The rest of her team was checked into rooms on different floors.

Once Vivian opened the door, she noticed it was a suite, but she recalled she was supposed to be checked into another twin room. What’s going on?

After he brought the luggage into the room, he bowed at Vivian and denoted, “Please have a great time and enjoy your honeymoon with your husband.”

He was about to leave, but she got in his way and stopped him with a confused look. “What do you mean? Honeymoon?”

“Haven’t you checked into a honeymoon suite because you’re here for a honeymoon?” He thought he had accidentally offended her. Immediately, he apologized, “I’m so sorry if I have misperceived things!”

“A honeymoon suite? I’m pretty sure I have booked a twin room!” Vivian was in a state of bewilderment.

“Miss, I’m not sure. Why don’t you call the receptionist and verify if there’s anything wrong?” Seconds after he finished his sentence in a courteous manner, he closed the door and left.

Meanwhile, Vivian returned to the room and reached for the phone to verify if the receptionist had gotten her into the wrong room.

The receptionist told her the hotel had run out of twin rooms. Therefore, she was given a free upgrade to the honeymoon suite.

If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean I have gotten lucky? She shook her head and giggled before hanging up the call. After she unpacked her stuff, she brought a set of clothes into the bathroom with her.

It had been quite a hectic journey. Therefore, she thought it would be better to take a bath since she was drenched in sweat.

When she was in the middle of a bath, she heard the sound of the door being opened. She thought the janitor was there to clean the room. Immediately, she turned off the tap and yelled, “Someone’s having a shower! Please get out of the room!”

However, when the other party went dead silent for a long time, Vivian felt a strong sense of insecurity and thought it wasn’t the janitor. Who could it be? How could they unlock the door?

She got herself dressed in the robe and brought herself out of the room in a cautious manner. Her heart wouldn’t stop racing because she was afraid a burglar had broken into the room.

What should I do if it’s a thief? Can I take him out? No! That’s impossible! This is the only room on this floor! Can others hear me if I shout for help?

As she tiptoed in the direction of the entrance, Vivian gulped in fear. She had her eyes glued to the entrance, but she heard a voice coming from behind all of a sudden.

She shuddered in fear and immediately turned around, but before she could get a glimpse of the person in the room, she staggered and fell due to her slippery pair of shoes.

Subconsciously, she closed her eyes and got herself ready for the racking sensation she would soon feel, but she could feel someone’s arm around her waist in the nick of time.

Please tell me I have not encountered a pervert! She forced herself to open her eyes immediately. To her surprise, she saw Finnick in front of her. He seemed to be worried about her.

“Vivian, are you okay? Have you sprained your ankles or hurt yourself?”

When she noticed the man in front was Finnick, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She couldn’t imagine the things that would happen if she was confined in the room with a burglar.

Moments after she returned to her senses, she was enraged because Finnick had made his way into her room without her consent.

Since Vivian had rushed her way out of the bathroom, she merely had a robe on. When Finnick caught a whiff of her scent, he felt as though his rationality was slowly taken over by his lust.

She pushed him away and yelled, “Why do you have the access card to unlock my room? Who gave you the permission to enter my room?”

He tried his best to suppress his urge and explained, “Actually, this happens to be my room as well.”

The confused woman asked, “Come again? Aren’t we supposed to be living in different rooms?”

“Initially, that was the plan, but there wasn’t enough twin room. Therefore, Noah reached an agreement with the hotel and got us a suite. I was merely informed of the change after the plane touched down,” Finnick explained the reason behind the sudden change.

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