Never Late, Never Away Chapter 665

Those weren’t exactly the truth. The hotel might have run out of twin rooms, but Finnick was made aware of the change ahead of the trip when the representative of the hotel approached Noah to upgrade the room.

Noah dared not make such an important decision on Finnick’s behalf. He consulted the latter the very moment he received the call, and Finnick indicated he wasn’t against the idea.

When Vivian heard Finnick’s words, she stomped her way back to her room.

He has just figured it out? What a joke! Does he really think he can deceive me? It was a lie when he said he had something to tend to! Those were part of his plan to delay his arrival because he was afraid I would discover we were in the same room! He wanted to sneak up on me!

Hmph! I can’t believe the almighty president will resort to such a petty trick to achieve his goals! What a despicable man!

“Vivian—” He wanted to stop her to explain himself, but she banged the door shut and cut him off.

Immediately after she changed out of the robe, she dragged her luggage out of the room and made her way to the entrance.

“Vivian, what are you doing?” Finnick got in his way and stopped her when she was merely a step away from the entrance.

“Please step aside! I’ll go get myself another room!” Vivian replied in a callous tone. If there’s no more room, I’ll spend the next few nights with Sarah! No matter what, I won’t stay with him!

Finnick had been anticipating her retaliation. He asked, “The hotel has run out of vacant rooms! What are you going to do?”

“That’s none of your business! I’ll sleep with others! If worse comes to worst, I’ll check into another hotel! No matter what, I won’t stay with you!” Vivian yelled at the top of her lungs.

Finnick’s heart was shattered into pieces when he heard Vivian’s harsh reply. “Do you really hate me to the extent you can’t stand my presence?”

“Oh? Are you blaming me?” Vivian asked rhetorically with a contemptuous smirk. “Finnick, five years ago, we had filed for divorce! As of now, we’re no longer related! What are you trying to do by getting me to spend a night in a honeymoon suite with you when I’m single and available?”

“The hotel has run out of rooms. Therefore, Noah—” The heartbroken man tried to explain himself, but the frustrated woman interrupted him before he could finish his sentence.

“Stop trying to defend yourself! Noah would never do such a silly thing if he hadn’t acquired your consent! Do you really think I’m a fool?”

Staring at Vivian in the eyes, Finnick went dead silent.

“What? Has the cat caught your tongue?” She scowled at him and wanted to walk past him to leave the room.

He grabbed her arm and said, “Vivian, I won’t deny having us in the same room is one of my goals, but I merely want to spend some time with you! I only needed another chance to prove myself worthy! I’m not trying anything silly! Can you please give me another chance?”

“Does that mean you think these are acceptable?” Vivian asked rhetorically. “You’re not even respecting me! Do you know what they’re going to talk about me if they are aware we’re staying in the same room? Have you not thought about it?”

“Vivian, I know it’s my fault, but I didn’t mean to put you to shame!” He got anxious because he was worried she would misunderstand him.

“Why don’t you move aside and get out of my way?” Vivian demanded.

He refused to move away because he was afraid of losing her for good should he allow her to leave.

Finnick made up his mind and announced, “If you make your way down, things will spiral out of control. Once your subordinates heard about it, they will spread all sorts of rumors about us.”

Vivian was on the verge of losing her cool because she thought it was another part of the man’s initial plan. “Are you threatening me? Finnick, have you no shame at all?”

He kept his mouth shut because he knew it was very rude of him to resort to such petty tricks, but he couldn’t think of anything else to get her to stay.

Although Vivian was infuriated, she hesitated because Finnick’s words made sense. She was overwhelmed by wrath and forgot to take the consequences of her departure into consideration.

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