Never Late, Never Away Chapter 666

Her colleagues had always been a persistent bunch. If she made her way downstairs, they would definitely get to the bottom of her departure. Perhaps they would soon figure out Finnick had reserved a honeymoon suite for her. If that was the case, she wouldn’t be able to face them anymore.

Finnick is such a jerk! I can’t believe he manages to put me in such a tight spot!

“Vivian, don’t worry! I’ll spend the night on the couch and stay away from you!” Finnick was on cloud nine because Vivian hesitated and stopped insisting on leaving.

In the end, she gave in and brought her luggage back to the room. She was afraid of the gossipmongers from her team. Since it was merely a few days, it wouldn’t be much of a big deal either.

Following Vivian to the room, Finnick asked with a grin, “Vivian, we—”

She interrupted him and declared, “Finnick, I’ll consider myself unlucky for once! Indeed, I’m afraid of the gossipmongers! Therefore, I’ll let you off the hook for once!”

Halfway through her orated speech, she pointed in the direction of the entrance and deadpanned, “Please honor your promise and spend the night on the couch! I don’t want you anywhere near the room without my permission! Also, please leave me alone because I need to unpack my stuff!”

When he caught her raging eyes, he knew she was frustrated at the thought of being deceived by him.

“W-When it’s about time to head out, I’ll knock on the door to get you again.” Finnick rushed out of the room at top speed once he finished his sentence. The moment he walked out of the room, he heard a click. The door was locked the very second he left.

Staring at the door, his heart ached. He couldn’t help but wonder when they would get to patch things up. He had been longing for her to open up to him once again.

On the other hand, Vivian slouched on the bed because she was completely worn out. Her mind was all over the place because of the series of things she had to go through.

The built-up fatigue came flooding in since she was on a comfortable bed. After a few hours of traveling, she was in desperate need of some sleep.

Knock! Knock! Knock! A faint knock on the door roused her from the deep slumber. When she forced herself to open her eyes, she noticed she was in a pitch-black environment because it was already evening.

“Vivian?” Finnick’s voice could be heard.

“What do you want?” Vivian asked in a hoarse voice because she had just roused from her sleep.

“Have you woken up yet?” Finnick asked and explained, “We’re going to meet the others in the lobby in about thirty minutes and head out for a meal. You need to get yourself ready.”

Once she touched up on her disheveled look, she opened the door. She was startled by the man that was outside of the room.

Finnick seemed to have just taken his bath because his hair was slightly drenched. Instead of his usual formal suit, he had a white top and a pair of black track bottoms. Others would have a hard time believing he was a thirty-year-old adult because he seemed so afresh. It felt as though he was a fresh graduate in his mid-twenties.

Vivian had always known Finnick as a mature man. She was startled because she rarely had the chance to see him in such a casual set of outfits back when they were married.

A few seconds later, she regained her composure and replied indifferently, “Thanks for informing, but you should head over ahead of me. I’ll join the rest once I’m ready.”

She walked in the direction of the bathroom to get herself ready. Initially, he wanted to get her to join him, but judging by her response, he knew she wouldn’t want others to see them together.

Since he had achieved the seemingly impossible goal of staying in the same room with her, he decided to stop pushing his luck over such a trivial matter. It wouldn’t be wise to rush things through because it would take a long time to get everything back to the way it used to be.

By the time Vivian dolled herself up and walked out of the bathroom, Finnick was not around anymore. She heaved a sigh of relief deep down. I guess he’s not an idiot, huh? He knows others will talk about us behind our back if we show up in the lobby side by side.

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