Never Late, Never Away Chapter 667

By the time Vivian showed up at the lobby, others had long gathered around. They marched in the direction of the car to the eatery.

On their way to the eatery, Vivian noticed a few of her female colleagues couldn’t move their eyes away from Finnick. They flushed while whispering something amongst themselves.

Needless to say, Vivian knew it had something to do with them adoring and worshipping Finnick.

Noah seemed to have reached in the afternoon. He was seated right next to Finnick’s, talking about something serious. Vivian scowled at the fact Finnick’s serious expression could grab the attention of the innocent little girls.

They soon reached the outdoor eatery that was set up by the beach that was nearby.

They could see the fire pit that was intensely burning. Through the faint illumination of moonlight, they caught a shade of turquoise from the sea and a whiff of the salty ocean breeze.

They couldn’t suppress their excitement any longer when they saw the heartwarming and romantic scene. Yelling, they catapulted in the direction of the beach to have some fun.

Sarah dragged Vivian along with her to have the best time of their lives.

Finnick gazed at the overjoyed Vivian from afar and smiled because he was glad she could enjoy herself. Vivian’s happiness was the only thing he cared about.

The confused Noah asked, “Mr. Norton, it’s such a rare opportunity. Aren’t you going to join Mrs. Norton?” Why isn’t he trying to patch things up with her since she’s in such a great mood?

“I don’t want to ruin her mood.” He turned down his assistant’s suggestion with his eyes flickering in disappointment. Truth be told, he was afraid she would run away from him again. It had been a long time since he last saw her having fun. Therefore, he decided to stay away from her.

When everyone had enough fun, they returned to the dining table and savored the dishes that were served.

“It’s awesome! It tastes nothing like those we have back in our country!”

“Wow! All of you have to give this a try! Vivian, you need to try this!” Sarah served Vivian one of the foods she had retrieved.

“Thanks!” Vivian expressed her gratitude with a bright grin. Her eyes gleamed when she savored the dishes Sarah handed her. “It’s awesome!”

“See!” Sarah was equally excited and behaved as though she found her long-lost friend.

“You need to watch out for the bones.” All of a sudden, a familiar man’s voice could be heard. Vivian felt someone taking a seat by her side and found out it was Finnick when she turned around.

She couldn’t possibly yell at him in front of others. Thus, she forced a smile and said, “Hey, Mr. Norton!”

He responded with a nod and said, “Since it’s so delicious, mind sharing some with me?”

Duh? Can’t you go get it yourself? Is your hand broken or what? Albeit reluctantly, she shared some of the food she had with him and instructed, “Mr. Norton, please watch out for the bones.”

“Thanks!” Finnick replied, smiling heartily.

Staring at the duo’s interaction, the onlookers started speculating their relationship again. The Chief Editor has been addressing him as Mr. Norton. It doesn’t seem like she’s going to open up to him just yet. Does that mean she’s not going to patch things up with him?

When everyone had their attention on the suspicious duo, wondering how things would turn out at the end of the day, they heard a bunch of people cheering as they rushed over in excitement with basins and pails.

What are they doing? When they looked at the bunch with confused looks, Finnick explained, “It’s about time for Pillere Island’s annual Water-Sprinkling Festival. I think they’re—”

Before he could share the details, the excited bunch had approached them, sprinkling water to get them wet.

The rest of the party thought they must have gotten lucky when they realized they were on time for the annual festival. Since they had figured out the customs behind the festival, they decided to join in the fun. Soon, they gathered all sorts of weapons for retaliation.

All of a sudden, a bunch of people swarmed in their direction when they heard the commotion. Everyone seemed to have forgotten they were of different nationalities as they indulged themselves and delivered their blessings for others according to the nation’s customs.

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