Never Late, Never Away Chapter 669

The person next to the elevator panel asked, “Mr. Norton, where’s your room?”

Finnick replied with a smile, “It’s on the twelfth floor.”

After the person pressed on the twelfth floor, he asked Vivian, “Ms. Morrison, what about you?”

Vivian stuttered, “I-I’ll be heading off on the twelfth floor as well.” Fortunately, her colleagues paid no heed to her words because they thought there were two rooms on the highest floor.

Cough! Cough! Cough! When they were the only ones left behind in the elevator, Finnick couldn’t hold back the urge to cough anymore.

He covered his mouth with his hand and started coughing vigorously to the extent his eyes started brimming with tears.

“Are you okay?” Vivian asked concernedly because Finnick showed no signs of stopping at all.

He beamed and assured her, “I-I’m fine…”

Seriously? Is he telling me he’s fine when it seems like he’s coughing his lungs out at any moment? Why is he trying to act tough? Vivian was fueled by rage when she saw Finnick’s smile.

Once they returned to the room, she dragged him into the bathroom and demanded, “Take a hot shower and get yourself changed immediately! I’m pretty sure you have caught a cold!”

He grasped her hand in return and felt a heartwarming sensation. Although he was relatively weak, he was overjoyed. “Vivian, you’re worried about me, aren’t you? You still care about me, right?”

When she heard him, she flushed and shrugged his hand away. “I’m just afraid of being infected! Hurry up and get going already!”

She turned around and returned to the bedroom, ignoring the man after she made herself clear.

I-Is she shy? Judging by her response, I must have hit the bullseye, huh?

When he thought about it, he was all smiles as he made his way into the bathroom to take a shower. He knew it was the right decision to tag along with her, yet he didn’t expect his plan would work so soon.

Meanwhile, Vivian, who had returned to her room, buried her face in the pillow and blamed herself for being a busybody. He knows he needs to take a hot shower! You should have stayed out of his way if you don’t want him to misunderstand you!

After being frustrated for some time, she suddenly recalled she had a first-aid kit Benedict packed and insisted on having her bringing it along.

Where is the first-aid kit? It’s a blue color bag, but where have I stuffed it again?

She unpacked the luggage she brought along with her, but after searching high and low for five minutes, she couldn’t find it. Ugh! I guess I have accidentally left it behind! Let’s forget about it and hope he’s going to be fine after the hot shower!

Knock! Knock! Knock! After a few knocks, Finnick’s voice could be heard. “Vivian, I’m done. You should head over and take a shower as well. I don’t want you to catch a cold either.”

“Okay!” Vivian retrieved her set of clothes and opened the door. She looked elsewhere, avoiding the man’s gaze while sprinting her way to the bathroom.

He found the helpless woman’s response hilarious and shook his head while chuckling. “H-Ha…”

Suddenly, he felt lightheaded and supported himself with the sofa arm. He could feel himself trembling in cold and thought he must have caught a cold.

When Vivian walked out of the bathroom after her shower, on her way back to the room, she saw Finnick sleeping on the couch without a blanket.

She wanted to get him something to keep himself warm after she reached her room, but she changed her mind when she recalled the things he said.

In the end, she switched off the light and decided to call it a day. I should leave him alone and stop being a busybody. Otherwise, he’s going to misunderstand me again.

Tossing and turning on the bed, she couldn’t bring herself to sleep at all. The image of Finnick protecting her from the aggressive bunch repetitively flashed back in her mind.

She sat upright and reached for the blanket she had aside before unlocking the door, making her way to the living room. I’m just returning the favor because I can’t afford to have him catching a cold for real!

When she switched on the light, she noticed Finnick had curled up on the couch. By the time she reached his side and tucked him in, she was surprised because his hair was still wet while his cheeks were flushed in an unnatural pink.

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