Never Late, Never Away Chapter 670

Albeit reluctantly, she placed her hand on Finnick’s forehead and was shocked by the scorching sensation she felt.

She panicked when she found out he had caught a fever. Judging by the scorching sensation she felt, it was a high fever. His life might be at stake should she fail to get him the medicine to keep the fever under control.

She reached for the man’s phone and wanted to call Noah to see if he had the pills for cold or fever with him. Unfortunately, Finnick’s phone was locked with a password.

In an attempt to unlock his phone, she entered his date of birth, yet the attempt failed. Elder Mr. Norton’s date of birth wasn’t the right combination as well.

Argh! Why the heck is the phone locked for no apparent reasons? Does he have something he’s ashamed of in his phone?

Vivian felt a strong urge to smash his phone, but she forced herself to calm down. She decided to give her date of birth a try. To her surprise, it was the right combination.

She was slightly touched because she didn’t expect he could remember her date of birth, but she didn’t have time for the useless sentimental.

As soon as she found Noah’s phone in the contact log, she made the call. Noah instantly picked up the call and asked, “Mr. Norton, do you need anything from me?”

The anxious woman gasped out her question, “Noah! It’s me! Vivian! Finnick is having a high fever! Do you have anything for cold or fever with you?”

“Mrs. Norton, I’ll bring them over at once! Please wait for me!” Noah’s voice quivered. He seemed to be equally anxious.

“Alright! Please hurry up! I’m afraid he has caught a high fever!”

Immediately after she hung up the call, she retrieved a towel from the bathroom with a towel and dried his hair on his behalf.

How can he head over to sleep with his hair wet when he’s sick? Has he any idea of the potential consequences of his recklessness? Vivian secretly cursed in her mind as she dried Finnick’s hair.

After she dried his hair with the towel, she heard someone knocking on the door when she was about to retrieve the hairdryer. “Mrs. Norton! It’s me! Noah! Please open the door!”

She sprinted over to open the door and saw the man with a pack of medicine. “Come on in!”

After Noah got into the suite and saw the man on the couch, he asked concernedly, “Mrs. Norton, is Ms. Norton fine?”

“I believe it’s the aftermath of the session in the evening. If the fever doesn’t subside within the next few hours after the medicine, we need to rush him to the hospital.” After she took over the medicine, she started reading the booklet for the proper dosage.

Noah said, “Mr. Norton had been pulling an all-nighter over the past few days. He rushed over to join the trip without taking a break. Please take care of him. If his situation persists until the morning, please give me a call. I’ll rush him to the hospital.”

When Vivian found out Finnick had gone through quite a few hectic days, she felt slightly heartbroken. “Alright. He’s in good hands with me.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Norton.” Noah turned around and walked out of the suite.

On the other hand, Vivian returned to retrieve the hairdryer because she wanted to dry his hair before waking him up for the medicine.

She ensured the temperature of the hairdryer was optimum before drying his hair. Running her fingers through his hair, she recalled he used to dry her hair as well.

In fact, he promised he would dry her hair for the rest of his life. It was evident it was easier said than done because the promise was supposed to last for a lifetime.

She was slightly overwhelmed and accidentally woke him up because she forgot to restrain her strength. When he opened his eyes, she panicked. It took her a few seconds to regain her composure.

Meanwhile, Finnick was touched because he noticed Vivian was drying his hair for him. He grasped her hand and said, “Vivian—”

She shrugged him off and replied callously, “It’s nothing much. I can’t possibly leave you when you’re sick.”


She stopped engaging in a conversation with him and continued drying his hair. In contrast to her indifferent voice, she dried his hair gently.

By the time Finnick’s hair was completely dried, she put the hairdryer aside. After she returned with a glass of water, she handed it over to him along with the pills.

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