Never Late, Never Away Chapter 671

“Noah has brought you your medicine just now. Now, take your medicine and go to bed. I will sleep on the couch in the living room tonight.”

“I’m fine.” Finnick took the medicine from Vivian. “You sleep in the bedroom. I can sleep on the couch tonight.”

“Don’t you know you’re sick right now? Can’t you take care of your body?” Vivian’s anger spiked. “If you didn’t catch a fever because of me, I wouldn’t even bother to be here, taking care of you. Now, take your medicine and go to bed!”

This was the first time Finnick heard her talking to him in such a demanding tone. Although she sounded harsh, he could sense her care for him.

Knowing that she was worried about him, Finnick eventually gave in. “Alright. Don’t be angry. I will do as you said.”

Vivian hurried him to go to bed after seeing him taking his medicine. Then, she snuggled up on the couch. Hopefully, his fever will be gone by tomorrow morning.

Vivian was considered tall in height, yet there was ample space on the couch for a woman with a slim figure like her. Thus, it was not at all uncomfortable to sleep on the couch.

The night passed, and a new day had come.

Vivian woke up feeling refreshed. She suffered insomnia since she went to A Nation five years ago. It was hard for her to fall asleep at night. Even if she happened to fall asleep, the slightest sound could wake her up.

Surprisingly, she had a good night’s sleep the other night. Instead of waking up with a headache, she felt energetic and full of vigor.

With a pleasant smile on her face, she slowly opened her eyes. Instantly, her pupils constricted upon seeing Finnick’s sleeping face that was inches apart from her face. Why is he here?


Finnick subconsciously furrowed his brows, awoken by Vivian’s scream. He opened his eyes to see the young lady looking at him with panic written all over her face.

“Good morning, Vivian,” he greeted. Curling his lips into a smile, he tightened his arms around her waist.

Vivian felt the pressure on her waist. That was when she realized that their current position was a bit too intimate.

There was more than enough space for her on the couch, yet it was too small to fit two adults. Thus, they were so close to each other that their bodies were pressed together.

At this moment, Vivian could clearly see the mirth in Finnick’s eyes. She watched as the man lowered his head, his nose tip stroking hers. His breath was tickling her lips, and she felt electricity coursed through her body.

Instantly, she sat up and pushed him down the couch. “Why are you here? What do you think you’re doing?”

Standing on the floor barefooted, Finnick could feel coldness creeping up from his feet.

“Vivian, I’m worried about you sleeping alone on the couch. I wanted to carry you to bed, but it seemed like I’ve lost my strength because of the fever. I… I couldn’t pick you up.”

He let out a chuckle when he recalled her grumbling, like a child being disturbed in her sleep, when he tried to carry her the other night. Her cute reaction melted his heart. Afraid of waking her up, he had no choice but to put her down.

Finnick went on by saying, “So, I decided to sleep on the couch beside you.”

Vivian’s face flushed. “I told you yesterday to sleep in the bed!” So he was sleeping next to me, holding me in his arms the entire night? How could I not notice it? Oh, I shouldn’t be so dead asleep!

Afraid she might think of him as someone trying to take advantage of her, Finnich hurriedly explained, “You were soaked wet as well yesterday. I was afraid you might catch a cold like me if you sleep on the couch, so that’s why I…”

Vivian scoffed, “Hmph! Mind your own business!” Then, she ran toward the washroom.

Finnick wanted to stop her and explain himself when all of a sudden, he felt lightheaded and couldn’t lift his leaden legs.

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