Never Late, Never Away Chapter 672

Finnick closed his eyes and clasped his forehead. With his brows knitted, he waited for the dizziness to go away. Vivian was no longer in sight when he finally opened his eyes.

Looking at the washroom’s closed door, he felt his temple throbbing. It looks like I can only explain to her when she comes out.

Meanwhile, Vivian could feel her cheeks burning as she sat on the toilet seat cover. Her heart was thumping wildly in her chest.

Cupping her face, she started to suspect if she had a fever. Or else, why would her body feel so hot to the touch?

Nevertheless, she didn’t feel sick or uncomfortable at all.

Vivian placed her hand on her chest and felt her racing heartbeat. The feeling of it was surprisingly familiar to her.

She remembered it being the same feeling she experienced whenever Finnick move closer to her when they were still friends. Could it be that I have once again fallen for him?

Vivian was shocked when the thought hit her. She shook her head, trying to cast the thought away. I can’t fall for him again. We’re over!

“Remember, you’re no longer Vivian William. You’re now Vivian Morrison! You should’ve learned your lesson five years ago. You can’t fall for him again, never!”

Vivian was brainwashing herself when suddenly, she was interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing. A smile appeared on her face when she saw it was Larry calling. She quickly answered the call.

“Mommy, it’s me!” Larry sounded excited over the phone.

“I know, it’s my little pumpkin. Are you alright at home?” Vivian lowered her voice so that Finnick couldn’t hear their conversation.

Larry answered loudly, “Yes! Mommy, I skied with Uncle Benedict today. It’s super fun!”

Vivian let out a chuckle. “Is it? Did you fall?”

“Um… I only fell several times,” Larry mumbled as he was embarrassed to admit it. Then, he loudly added, “But I managed to learn skiing in a short time. The coach has complimented me, saying that I’m a fast learner.”

“Oh, little pumpkin, you’re amazing!” Vivian exclaimed in an exaggerating tone.

“Ha! That’s for sure!” The little guy was puffed up with pride. “But Uncle Benedict could ski much better than me! A lot of the pretty ladies were looking at him when he was skiing.”

“Really?” Vivian was amused. “Then you need to train harder so that one day, you can become as skillful as your Uncle Benedict.”

“I will!” the boy said seriously. Then, he asked, “Mommy, did you have fun there?”

“Yes. I have a nice time here. Thank you for asking.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Uncle Benedict told me that you are too tired and that you need to relax. Mommy, I wished you can have fun. You don’t need to come back early because of me. I can take care of myself and Uncle Benedict.” Larry sounded mature like a little adult as he reassured his mother.

Vivian couldn’t help feeling amused. At the same time, she was touched by her son’s words. “Thank you, little pumpkin.” It was God’s blessing to have such a considerate and thoughtful son.

“I’ll end the call now. Have fun!” said Larry in a cheerful tone. After a short pause, he added, “I just called you to tell you that Uncle Benedict and I are fine. You don’t need to worry about us.”

“I got it. Little pumpkin, you’re the best.” Vivian’s eyes became watery.

“I’m really going to end the call this time. Goodbye, Mommy!”


Vivian couldn’t help curling her lips into a heartfelt smile. She felt all her sacrifices and sufferings had paid off to have Larry as her son. In fact, Larry was so important to her that she couldn’t even imagine how was she going to live if she lost him.

At that moment, the memory of Finnick forcing her to have an abortion came flashing back. It was her worst nightmare, and it was the very reason why she could never forgive that man.

Oh, Vivian, have you not learned your lesson? Have you forgotten how ruthless a man he was? How could you fall for him again after what happened five years ago?

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