Never Late, Never Away Chapter 673

Vivian patted her face to calm herself down. Apart from a superior-subordinate relationship, there would be nothing more between them. She shouldn’t have any feelings for him.

She wouldn’t want to relive the feeling of hopelessness and despair she experienced five years ago. Finnick, this time, I will not give you the chance to hurt me!

A determined glint flashed across her eyes while a cold expression appeared on her face. Vivian put her phone into her pocket and then splashed her face with cold water.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she once again reminded herself that she should never forgive Finnick.

She steeled herself before leaving the washroom. As soon as she opened the door, she heard the sound of violent coughing.

Vivian cast her eyes over and saw Finnick sitting on the couch. Right in front of him was his laptop on the coffee table.

How could he still work when he is sick? Does he really think he’s a man of steel?

Without any hesitation, Vivian made her way toward the man and slammed his laptop shut. “Don’t you know you have a fever? I told you you should take care of your body!”

“Vivian, there’s an emergency in the office. I need to attend to some urgent matters,” Finnick explained as he tried in vain to re-open his laptop.

Vivian was pressing hard on his laptop. She couldn’t help feeling angry with him. “Nothing is more important than your health. You had a high fever yesterday, and you’re only starting to feel better now. What if your condition worsened? Do you want to be admitted to the hospital?”

Finnick gave in when he saw her worried eyes. “Vivian, are you worried about me?”

Vivian was reluctant to admit it. “I’m just afraid that you would infect me if your condition worsened.”

Although she had warned herself to stay away from Finnick, still, she couldn’t bring herself to see that man working when sick. Her anger got the better of her, and those caring words emerged before she even realized it.

As for Finnick, he smiled at her unconvincing denial. He could tell that Vivian cared about him though she was reluctant to admit it. If she was worried about being infected, she wouldn’t have helped him dry his hair yesterday.

“Vivian, thank you for caring about me. I will take good care of my body,” Finnick promised, his eyes bore straight into hers.

Ugh! What’s the matter with him? I told him I’m not worried about him! Vivian could feel her cheeks burning. She turned around to avoid his eyes and walked toward the bedroom. “I’m going to get changed.”

“Wait!” Finnick called out. Then, he made his way toward her. “Vivian, your birthday is around the corner. I wanted to celebrate it with you. Is there anything you want as a birthday gift?”

His words reminded Vivian when she unlocked his phone yesterday. His password was her birthday! At that instant, she felt a little moved.

Vivian, you shouldn’t fall for him! Don’t go soft just because the man set your birthday as his password! Vivian reminded herself internally, and her heart hardened.

With a cold expression on her face, she rejected, “I’m not celebrating my birthday. Also, if I need anything, I can buy it myself. There is no need for you to spend money on this.” With that, she walked past Finnick into the bedroom.

Finnick was confused as to why Vivian returned to her icy self. She was still very caring toward me yesterday, but why does her attitude suddenly change?

As his eyes followed Vivian entering the bedroom, he suddenly felt distant from her. Back then, he was the one who knew Vivian best. However, now it was hard for him to see through her, and the thoughts running in her mind were no longer fathomable to him.

A moment earlier, he could feel her care for him; the next moment, all that was left was her anger and resentment for him. In her heart, who am I to her?

Just as Finnick was racking his brain, he received a message from the tour guide, informing him that they would be camping at a small island that afternoon and that they were required to gather in front of the hotel at nine.

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