Never Late, Never Away Chapter 674

Finnick called out when he saw Vivian coming out of the bedroom, “Vivian, do you know we are going to the small island?”

“Yes. I saw the message.” With that, Vivian made her way toward the door without sparing another glance at Finnick. She was determined to control her feelings for that man.

“Let’s go together.” Finnick quickly followed suit.

Vivian turned around to face Finnick. She hesitated and eventually advised, “You are still on a fever. You’d better rest in the hotel and avoid traveling on the sea.”

“I’m fine.” Her caring words dispelled his gloominess and brought a smile to his face. “I feel much better now after sleeping.”

“But…” she trailed off. Since she had decided to stay away from Finnick, she shouldn’t worry about him.

“Do as you like.” With that, she briskly walked out of the room, heading to the gathering spot.

Finnick quickly washed up and prepared himself before he went after Vivian. Everyone was waiting for him on the bus by the time he arrived.

Finnick noticed that the seat next to Vivian was empty. Before he even walked toward her, the latter had gotten up from her seat to sit with another girl.

Is she avoiding me?

Downhearted, Finnick randomly chose a seat. He couldn’t seem to figure out why Vivian blew hot and cold recently.

Meanwhile, the intern sitting next to Vivian asked, “Ms. Morrison, could I ask you a question?” The intern was Charlotte, a fresh graduate who just joined the magazine company. She was a beautiful young lady, with a Greek nose and a pair of big eyes.

“Of course. What is it?” Vivian turned to face Charlotte. When she first came across the young lady’s resume, she knew the latter would be an excellent employee. As it turned out, she was right.

Although the twenty-two-year-old Charlotte was still young, she was competent in her job and was able to come up with her own opinion. All she needed was a little more training and experience to become a wonderful journalist.

“Is Mr. Norton chasing after you? Are you going to get back together with him?” asked Charlotte, nervously waiting for Vivian’s answer.

“No. We’re over. Nothing is going to happen between us,” Vivian answered without any hesitation. At the same time, she couldn’t help feeling mad at Finnick. If Finnick didn’t insist on coming with her, the others wouldn’t have misunderstood them. Now, everyone must be gossiping about her.

Charlotte was elated to hear Vivian’s denial. “Ms. Morrison, are you really not going to get back together with Mr. Norton?”

“Um… Yes.” Vivian hesitatingly nodded, not knowing why Charlotte looked so happy.

“Then can I chase after Mr. Norton?” Charlotte asked in a low voice, her eyes shining with excitement.

“What?” Vivian couldn’t believe her ears. Did she say she wanted to chase after Finnick?

“No?” Charlotte’s eyes dimed with disappointment upon seeing Vivian’s reaction. “Is it because you still like Mr. Norton? If that’s so, then I…”

Vivian immediately denied, “Of course not! I was just surprised that you like Finnick. After all, the two of you have quite a large age gap.”

Hearing that, Charlotte couldn’t contain herself. “What’s the problem with that? I’ve always liked a more mature man. Besides, Mr. Norton is damn handsome. He looks no different from a man in his late twenties.”

“Is it?” Inexplicably, Vivian felt like her heart was being tied into a knot.

In the end, she cast the blame on Finnick. Hmph! I was right! This man sure knows how to lure young girls. He really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. On the surface, that man looks like a gentleman, but he’s heartless and cruel.

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