Never Late, Never Away Chapter 675

Sneaking a glance at Finnick, Charlotte whispered, “Ms. Morrison, since you’re not planning to reconcile your relationship with Mr. Norton, can I ask you a favor?”

“What is it?” Vivian projected a calm facade, suppressing her irritation. She was unwilling to let Finnick affect her emotion.

“Later, we are going to ride the cable car to the camping spot. Could you let him board the same cable car with me? I wished to spend more time with him.” Charlotte clasped her hands together as she pleaded.

“Well…” Vivian was stumped by her request. Will it be too intrusive if I make Finnick sit with Charlotte? If Finnick knows about it, he will probably be mad at me.

Charlotte grabbed her arm as she pleaded, “Ms. Morrison, please, help me this time. I really hope Mr. Norton can get to know me. Who knows? Maybe he will like me.”

She lowered her head to hide her face that was flushed scarlet.

Looking at Charlotte’s beautiful face, Vivian was not at all surprised that she would think that way. After all, who wouldn’t like a beautiful and young woman? Finnick was not an exception, or he wouldn’t date Evelyn back then.

If Finnick falls in love with Charlotte, then perhaps he will give up on me. With that in mind, Vivian agreed to Charlotte’s request, “Alright. I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee that he will ride the same cable car with you.”

Charlotte beamed. “Thank you so much, Ms. Morrison. Since you’re Mr. Norton’s ex-wife, your words definitely carry much more weight. If you help me persuade him, I believe he will agree with sitting with me.”

Vivian frowned slightly. For some reason, Charlotte’s words made her feel uncomfortable.

Yet, Charlotte didn’t realize there was any problem with her words. The young lady was now sneakily observing Finnick, who was sitting in front.

Oh, Finnick is just so handsome. He looks even more charming in real life than in photos. God must have favored him so much that he shaped him into such a perfect being. It will be a dream come true if I can have him as my boyfriend.

Well, perhaps this man will be mine pretty soon. Charlotte’s smile widened at the thought, for she was very confident that any man would succumb to her beauty.

Back then, she had many admirers who came from rich family though she rejected all of them. To her, it was not enough that a man was wealthy; he should have a good character as well.

Now, she finally met Finnick, the man of her dream. Not only was he good-looking, he was also the president of a large company. Everything about that man met her expectations.

Soon the bus came to a stop. Everyone then boarded the cable car, heading toward the island.

Before Vivian went to find Finnick, Charlotte pulled her into the first cable car. “Ms. Morrison, we’ll sit together.”

Vivian was confused. “I thought you want to sit with Finnick? I was going to talk to him.”

With a smile, Charlotte waved her hand dismissively. “There is no need to ask him.” She looked confident while fixing her eyes on Finnick, who was at some distance away.

A smug smile emerged on her face when she saw Finnick walking toward them. Here he comes!

She pleaded coyly, “Vivian, I’m counting on you to create an opportunity for me so that I can spend some time alone with Mr. Norton.”

Gazing at the young lady sitting beside her, Vivian’s eyes flickered. It is obviously within Charlotte’s expectation that Finnick will come up to us. It looks like this lady is a guileful one. She is using me to attain her goal.

Yet, Vivian didn’t take it to heart. It was understandable for Charlotte to use her scheming little mind to get the man she liked. After all, Vivian had agreed to help her anyway.

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