Never Late, Never Away Chapter 676

Standing by the cable car, Finnick asked, “Vivian, can I join you guys?”

Vivian noticed Charlotte shot her a look, signaling her to agree with Finnick’s request. She forced a smile and said, “Sure.”

Instantly, a grin flitted across Finnick’s face. Meanwhile, Charlotte’s heart fluttered upon seeing the man’s bright smile. Oh, he looks warm and cute with his smile. If only he can smile at me like that…

As for Vivian, she felt uncomfortable to have Finnick sitting opposite her, let alone to need to talk to him. Fortunately, it didn’t seem like he was going to talk to her either. Also, she would appreciate it if that man could stop smiling at her; it gave her goosebumps.

Just then, Charlotte broke the silence, “Hi, Mr. Norton. I’m Charlotte, Vivian’s friend and also her subordinate.” With a bright smile, she reached out her hand for a handshake.

“Hi.” Finnick gave her a limp handshake. Then, he shifted his gaze back to Vivian, smiling at her as if the two of them were the only ones in the cable car.

Finally, it was time for the cable car to leave. Vivian hopped out of the cable car in the nick of time as the door was closing.

She waved at them while saying, “I suddenly remembered I forgot about something. I’ll take the next ride.”

“Vivian!” Finnick wanted to get out of the cable car, yet the door had closed. Now he and Charlotte were the only ones left.

She only recalled it when the door was about to close? She must have done it on purpose! Finnick slammed the cable car window in anger.

Initially, he was glad when Vivian agreed to let him in the cable car. Now, it turned out that it was just her trick to get him into the cable car with another woman. Why is she doing that? How dare she!

Charlotte said smilingly, “Mr. Norton, perhaps Vivian has really forgotten something important. She will catch up soon, so there is no need to worry about her.”

Finnick uttered a response without even looking at her. Still mad at Vivian, he fixed his gaze on the place where she sat earlier. It looks like I have indulged her too much. Now she even dared to set me up with another woman!

Charlotte felt awkward at the man’s distant attitude. Yet her awkwardness was soon replaced by delight.

She had always known that she was beautiful. To her surprise, Finnick was unlike her other admirers who would drool over her beautiful face. Instead, as if he paid no heed to her look, he had only taken a glance at her when she greeted him.

The way he ignored other women and was only obsessed with the one he loved floated her boat. That way, if they ever became a couple, she wouldn’t need to worry that he might dump her for another prettier woman.

“Mr. Norton, what are your hobby and interest?” asked Charlotte, trying to strike up a conversation with Finnick.

Finnick cast a glance at her, feeling annoyed.

He was really not in the mood to have a conversation. In fact, he was so mad at Vivian for setting him up with another woman that he wished to smash the window to vent his anger.

Yet, thinking that the lady had taken the initiative to talk to him and that she was Vivian’s colleague, Finnick could only suppress his anger. “Work,” he replied curtly.

“Huh?” Charlotte was slightly bewildered by his answer, yet she immediately concurred with him, “Mr. Norton, you like to work? Me too! I love my job as it gives me a sense of belonging. Also, It gives me a great sense of accomplishment whenever I finish a task. I always…”

Finnick could feel his temple throbbing as the young lady talked non-stop.

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