Never Late, Never Away Chapter 677

What a talkative young lady! Initially, he told Charlotte that he liked to work, hoping to end the conversation. It was beyond his expectation that instead of being discouraged, that young lady would ramble on.

Meanwhile, Vivian was riding the second cable car with another colleague. The whole journey to the island would take about three hours.

Initially, she could still retain her composure. As time passed, she couldn’t help looking at the two in the cable car in front.

She couldn’t see Finnick’s face as the latter had his back facing her. Yet, she could clearly see Charlotte’s expression.

The young lady covered her mouth as she giggled, occasionally talking with her hands when she got excited. Vivian supposed the two were having a wonderful time chatting with each other.

She quickly turned her head to hide her teary eyes from her colleague and suppress the bitterness in her heart.

Isn’t that what I wanted? Finnick will no longer pester me if he falls in love with another woman. But why do I feel so sad seeing him chattering with Charlotte?

Although she tried to hide her emotions, Sarah took notice of her abnormality. “Vivian, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” She held back her tears and turned to face Sarah, flashing her a reassuring smile. “I’m fine.”

Sarah pursed her lips, unconvinced. She could tell Vivian’s smile carried with it a tinge of bitterness. What happened? Why does Vivian suddenly look so sad?

Feeling curious, she followed Vivian’s gaze and saw Charlotte chatting away happily with Finnick. So, this is why Vivian is unhappy?

She then shifted her eyes back to Vivian, whose eyes were watery.

Holding Vivian’s sleeve, she tried to comfort her, “Vivian, you and Finnick…” Before this, she had had the feeling that Vivian still loved Finnick. She knew she was right after seeing Vivian’s reaction.

Before she could finish her words, Vivian interrupted her, “I have nothing to do with him. Sarah, I don’t want to talk about him.”

Eventually, Sarah swallowed her words. She decided to talk with Vivian later when she felt better.

As for Vivian, she forced herself not to look at Finnick and Charlotte. It’s his freedom to be with another woman, and that has nothing to with me. I shouldn’t feel sad about it.

Meanwhile, after a whole lot of talking, Charlotte finally came up with a conclusion, “Mr. Norton, we have a common interest; both of us love to work. Don’t you think this is fate?”

I didn’t even say a word. From where did she get that conclusion? Anyway, it’s rare to see young people who love their job as much as this young lady does. Finnick plastered a perfunctory smile on his face as a response.

Seeing his smile, Charlotte brightened up. He’s smiling at me! Does he agree with me saying that it is fated that we have something in common?

“Mr. Norton, you agree with me, don’t you?” Feeling encouraged, she asked, “Can I have your number?”

Hearing that, Finnick’s expression turned icy. He instantly knew Charlotte is setting her cap at him.

He looked up to face Charlotte, his eyes burning with anger. Does Vivian know about this? Or is this the reason she leaves the two of us alone? I really have indulged her too much!

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