Never Late, Never Away Chapter 678

Charlotte was disconcerted when she saw Finnick’s face darkened. Did I say something wrong?

Just then, the cable car in motion suddenly jerked. At that moment, a thought came into her mind, and she lurched toward Finnick.

Like a doe caught in the headlights, the young lady who “accidentally” fell into Finnick’s arms apologized, “I’m so sorry, Mr. Norton.” Yet, instead of pulling herself away, she rubbed her breasts against Finnick’s chest.

There was a hint of smugness in her eyes. She was confident with her look and her body. There was no way Finnick would reject a beautiful woman who threw herself at him.

To her surprise, Finnick ordered harshly, “Get off me!” The man held a frosty expression, the fury in his eyes barely veiled.

Charlotte was disappointed that the man rejected her advances. What’s wrong with him? Is he an ascetic or something?

She reluctantly pulled herself away from him and then sat beside him. “Mr. Norton, I’m sorry about that. Did I hurt you?”

Finnick cast his gaze outside the window, ignoring Charlotte’s question. He was unwilling to have any interaction with the woman who tried to seduce him.

At the same time, he felt fury rose within him. Vivian, do you really want me to be with another woman?

On the other hand, Charlotte was unsettled when the man ignored her. Yet, her eyes were once again filled with confidence when she recalled how her admirers swooned over her. Perhaps he didn’t get my signal, or he wouldn’t be so calm.

She then moved closer to him, her body almost touching his. “Mr. Norton, let me have a closer look to make sure I didn’t injure you. I…”

Finnick’s face was full of disgust when he saw Charlotte reaching out her hands to unbutton his shirt. “Don’t you dare come any closer!” His voice was cold and stony.

In the face of Finnick’s overbearing aura and icy stare, Charlotte had no choice but to stay away from him.

Finnick rolled his eyes at her. Then, with his fists clenched, he once again cast his gaze outside the window. Vivian, wait till we arrive at the island!

Although Charlotte was frightened by Finnick’s fierce stare, she was unwilling to give up.

This might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be so close to Finnick. If she let this opportunity slip, it would be impossible for her to find another perfect man like him.

With a pitiful look, she explained herself in a tearful voice, “Mr. Norton, I have no other intentions whatsoever. I was just trying to see if you are injured. I hope you won’t misunderstand me.”

Hearing her lame excuse, Finnick turned to face her. “You know better whether it was a misunderstanding or not. Even if you have other intentions, you’d better hide them and think twice before you act. If what happened earlier ever happens again, there will be no place for you in Sunshine City.”

Charlotte was daunted by his threat, knowing that the man really meant what he said.

She backed away and dared not utter a single word, afraid that she might offend Finnick. How did things turn out this way? All my admirers would do everything to please me, but Finnick turned his cold shoulder at me even when I threw myself at him.

Her eyes reddened, her heart filled with the feeling of resentment. Finnick pulled a long face while Charlotte shed tears during the remaining journey. The two remained silent until they arrived at the destination.

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