Never Late, Never Away Chapter 679

Finnick hopped out of the cable car as soon as it stopped. He stood at the side with a grouchy expression on his face as he waited for Vivian. Charlotte got out of the cable car hesitantly. All she could do was stand nervously and away from Finnick. They waited for the person in the following cable car.

Soon, the cable car carrying Vivian arrived as well. The first thing Vivian saw when she hopped out of the cable car was Charlotte standing beside Finnick. Charlotte had bloodshot eyes and looked so sad that it almost felt like she was wronged.

What’s going on? Isn’t she delighted just a few minutes ago? Did Finnick bully her? Those thoughts prompted Vivian to approach them with a frown on.

“Charlotte, what’s wrong? Why are you…” said Vivian. She never got to finish her sentence because Finnick grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the side.

“What are you doing, Finnick? Let me go!” demanded Vivian. She had no idea where Finnick was dragging her, so she struggled as hard as she could. What is it with this guy?

Finnick never answered Vivian’s question. His entire body exuded a freezing aura, and his grip on Vivian’s wrist became even tighter.

“Let me go, Finnick. Where are you taking me?” growled Vivian as she struggled the entire way. Unfortunately, there was a huge gap between men’s and women’s physical strength, so there was no way she could break free of Finnick’s hold. Vivian ended up hurting her own wrist.

Every employee of the magazine company murmured and gossiped when they saw Finnick dragging Vivian away like that. Everyone was speculating about the relationship between Finnick and Vivian.

After an intense debate, everyone agreed on a single point. Finnick is going to court the Chief Editor and win her back!

Shannon looked upset as she listened to the others discussing the matter. Vivian is so lucky. What gives? It’s been five years, but she still managed to win him back again.

Shannon’s nail dug into her own palm. She was fuming with jealousy. What is so great about Vivian? Why is she always one step ahead of me?

No! I will not stand by idly and watch that b*tch Vivian remain on top of me. Someday, somehow, I will teach her a lesson and crush her ego!

Finnick only stopped when he had already dragged Vivian all the way to the secluded area behind the trees. He turned around and saw the fury burning in Vivian’s eyes.

She flung Finnick’s hand away hard and yelled angrily, “What has gotten into your head? What did I do this time to piss you off?”

The anger burning in Finnick’s eyes became more intense when he realized that Vivian didn’t even know what her mistake was. He growled, “How dare you ask me. Tell me why you did it!”

“What are you talking about?” roared Vivian, who refused to back down.

Finnick was so angry that he had to take two deep breaths before he could speak. Through gritted teeth, he spat, “Did you deliberately leave me in that cable car with that woman? Why did you do that?”

Ah, so that’s what he’s talking about! Vivian recalled how Finnick was chatting away happily with Charlotte just moments ago and how he was throwing a tantrum afterward. At that moment, Vivian found the guy to be extremely hypocritical, and she suddenly felt like she had been wronged for some unknown reason.

“Naturally, I did that to match-make the two of you. What’s wrong? Are you dissatisfied despite having a beautiful woman throwing herself at you?” said Vivian bitterly, with obvious jealousy in her tone. However, Vivian never realized how jealous she sounded, and Finnick, being too angry, neglected that as well.

The fury in Finnick’s eyes burned brighter when he heard Vivian’s confession of how she was deliberately setting him up with another woman. This idiot… She actually wants me to be with someone else!

Finnick pulled Vivian into his arms and forced her back to a tree before he tilted his head down and kissed her lips without any hesitation.

“Mmm…” Vivian never expected Finnick to make that move suddenly. She had her guard down, and that allowed Finnick to kiss her.

Vivian tried to push him away, but she soon realized that he had locked her hands in, and there was no way she could break free.

Finnick had one hand constricting Vivian’s hands and had his other hand pinned on the back of her head. His kiss was domineering and eager as if he was trying to release all of his pent-up emotions via that kiss.

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