Never Late, Never Away Chapter 680

Finnick had forced Vivian’s teeth to part, and Vivian soon felt his warm tongue raiding her mouth. She couldn’t disregard his presence, no matter how hard she tried.

She wanted to retaliate by biting him, but it seemed that Finnick had already anticipated that. Before Vivian could do anything, the hand at the back of her head shifted and confined her jaw. That made it impossible for her to do what she initially planned.

There was no saying how much time had passed, but Finnick explored every section of Vivian’s lips before the anger in him slowly dissipated. His kiss became soft and tender.

Finnick had never felt more satisfied before. He enjoyed that kiss and felt like they were the only two people in the world. How he wished that they could spend the rest of their lives like that.

At first, Vivian struggled hard, but she later lost all her energy and could only give in. She noticed how Finnick’s kiss was becoming gentler until it was as light as a feather caressing her tongue. She could feel her heart softening and her mind losing the will to resist.

Finnick slowly put some distance between them after ending that kiss. He saw how Vivian had her eyes closed, and that got him to grin instinctively. The determination in his eyes became stronger as well.

“Vivian, do you really think that I’d give up on being with you? I will never do that, not in this lifetime, so you should stop behaving that way in the future.”

Vivian could still feel Finnick’s breath on her when he spoke, and that prompted her to blush a little when she opened her eyes. That was when she was ambushed by Finnick’s gaze, which was shining with blatant love.

“I love you, Vivian. Only you. And that is true no matter if we’re in the past, present, or future. Promise me that you will not do anything like that again, okay?” said Finnick. He looked into Vivian’s eyes and was sincere when he declared his love and made his promise. His tone was so sweet that it could drown her.

Vivian felt her heart thumping faster after hearing Finnick’s profession of love. She could even feel her heart jumping out of rhythm in her heart.

She instinctively blushed. She didn’t have the time to think things through, so she pushed Finnick away before running to the others without ever looking back.

Vivian promised herself that she would never fall for Finnick again, but she realized that she couldn’t control her heart at all. She would get agitated, and her heart would thump faster whenever he was around. She couldn’t even think straight under those circumstances.

Finnick chased after Vivian when he saw her running away like that. He grabbed her wrist when he caught up to her.

He forced her to face him and looked into her eyes before he said, “I meant every word I said earlier, Vivian. Can’t you give us a chance to start over? I promise that I….”

“Let’s talk about this some other time,” interrupted Vivian nervously as she flung his hand away and free herself from his grip. She added, “Everyone’s watching, and I don’t want a rumor to spread.”

Finnick tilted his head to look behind Vivian’s back upon hearing that. True to her words, he saw that everyone was looking over.

He felt his heart ached a little when he saw how troubled she looked. Gah, never mind. We have all the time in the world, so there is no need to put on a show in front of everybody now.

Without saying another word, Finnick took the initiative to back away two steps and said, “Let’s go. It’s impolite to make the others wait too long.”

Even Vivian couldn’t deny that she was touched when she saw Finnick’s considerate gesture. At the very least, she knew that the man still respected her.

The two of them walked to the others. Vivian couldn’t help feeling a little awkward when she sensed that everyone was scanning her from head to toe. She quickly spoke up to divert their attention.

“Alright, then. Everyone’s here, so let’s head out right away to find the site to set up our camps. It’ll only become more challenging once the night falls.”

The Chief Editor had already issued the instructions, so it wasn’t right for anyone to continue gossiping anymore. They moved forward in unison to look for a place to set up camp.

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