Never Late, Never Away Chapter 683

The tour guide had just finished speaking when Charlotte volunteered, “I’ll go get some water for everyone. I don’t have anything to do at the moment, anyway.”

Charlotte then turned to Vivian and secretly winked. It was impossible for Vivian to miss what Charlotte was suggesting after their previous conversation.

Vivian was reluctant, but she had already promised to help Charlotte out, so the former said, “It’s not safe for a young lady to go on her own. Besides, you’re not strong enough to carry that much water. I think it’s better if Mr. Norton goes with you. I’d feel more at ease that way.”

Vivian immediately turned to face Finnick and added, “Please help Charlotte get some water for everyone, Mr. Norton. Thank you in advance for your help.”

She’s not giving up! Finnick was infuriated once again, even though it had just dissipated. Unfortunately, he couldn’t lose his temper in front of everyone else, nor could he drag Vivian away again. Hence, he was left with no other option but to suppress his fury.

He glared evilly at Vivian. In addition to being angry, he was also heartbroken. Does she really not love me at all right now? To her, am I just a belonging that can be handed out to anyone?

“Thank you, Mr. Norton,” said Charlotte shyly, “Let’s head over right now, so we can get back soon. That way, everyone can have their meals earlier.”

Finnick didn’t reply. He was still looking at Vivian and hoping that she would ask for him to stay, but she had already turned her back to him. She was avoiding his gaze by pretending to work on something else.

“Mr. Norton, let’s hurry over,” urged Charlotte. She was worried that she would lose the opportunity she worked so hard to get.

Finnick was utterly disappointed to see that Vivian wouldn’t even look at him. He hid his sorrowful gaze and turned to the path where the tour guide pointed at earlier. It seemed that Finnick was deliberately acting up.

She wants to matchmake me with some other woman, huh? Fine, I will play along then. I’d like to see if she really cares that little about me. Will she truly be happy to see me with someone else?

Charlotte was ecstatic to see that Finnick was willing to go get water with her. She had to jog a little to catch up with him, and she still secretly vowed that she would seize that opportunity to get together with Finnick.

Everyone turned to one another when they saw all the drama being played out in front of them. They had no idea what was going on.

“What is the Chief Editor doing? Why did she make Charlotte and Mr. Norton go over together?”

“Right? Charlotte is so beautiful. Shouldn’t the Chief Editor be worried that Mr. Norton would fall for Charlotte?”

“I thought Mr. Norton is trying to get the Chief Editor back. What is going on now? Does the Chief Editor not want to reconcile with Mr. Norton? Is that why she had them go collect the water together?”

“Maybe. I mean, thinking back, I didn’t actually see the Chief Editor being all lovey-dovey toward Mr. Norton. She probably doesn’t like him.”

“Why not? He is such an incredible guy. Isn’t it a waste to let someone like him go?”

“The Chief Editor isn’t so bad herself. She is beautiful and talented, and she is a member of the Morrison family. To her, Finnick probably isn’t all that incredible at all.”

“Then Charlotte really got lucky….”

Sarah was upset to hear what everyone was saying, but she was also confused.

Just earlier, she caught Vivian being sad about Finnick and Charlotte hanging out together. So what’s going on now? Why is Vivian actively helping the two of them get together?

Sarah simply couldn’t figure it out, so she didn’t waste any more time dwelling on it. She walked directly to Vivian and interrogated, “Why did you do that, Vivian? What if Finnick actually falls for Charlotte?”

Vivian was still holding the barbecue sticks at the time, and she paused for a moment. Her expression turned grim, but she never answered Sarah’s question. Vivian simply continued applying the sauce.

Seeing that expression, Sarah knew how terrible Vivian felt. Why did she do all that if it’s just going to make herself sad?

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