Never Late, Never Away Chapter 684

“Vivian, will you really not consider getting back together with Mr. Norton? I can tell that he still cares about you, and you…” said Sarah. She hesitated for a moment, but she ultimately voiced out, “And you seem like you’re still in love with him, too. Why can’t the two of you get back together?”

“I no longer care about him!” roared Vivian instinctively upon hearing Sarah’s words. The former was uncharacteristically mean at that moment.

Sarah opened her mouth. It was as if she had more to say, but Vivian’s expression forced all those words back down her throat.

Only then did Vivian realize that she was acting a little out of line. Sarah only spoke up because she cares about me. How can I be so rude to someone so kind?

Vivian held Sarah’s hand and apologized, “I’m sorry, Sarah. I didn’t mean to yell at you. I know that you have my best interest at heart, but I really don’t want to hear that man’s name again.”

“I understand. I won’t talk about him anymore. No matter what, I just want you to be happy,” replied Sarah as she held Vivian’s hand. Sarah’s eyes shone with love and concern when she uttered those words.

“Thank you, Sarah. Thank you for your concern all this while,” replied Vivian, who was touched by those words. It had been a while since anyone cared about Vivian sincerely.

“It’s nothing compared to how you’ve always been kind to me,” said Sarah while grinning. She then added, “You keep applying the sauce here. I’ll go collect some firewood.”

“Okay,” replied Vivian with a smile. She watched as Sarah walked away.

Vivian was actually stunned in place. She kept recalling what Sarah said earlier. And you seem like you’re still in love with him, too. Why can’t the two of you get back together?

Do I still love him? To the extent that even Sarah could sense it?

No, that will not do! Vivian was shaking her head profusely in her mind. She would not allow herself to fall for him because she refused to go through the desperation she endured five years ago.

She closed her eyes to calm herself down before she opened them again and continued working on the sauce. After that, she called out to get everyone to get ready.

Everyone was famished, so naturally, they cheered and went to start barbecuing everything. They were in the midst of barbecuing, but Sarah, Finnick, and Charlotte were still nowhere to be seen.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t they back yet?” ”They didn’t get into any trouble, did they?” Everyone was understandably worried when they noted that all three of them weren’t back yet.

At that moment, Vivian was fidgeting with worry as well, but in addition to that, she was also a little upset.

The island had already been developed, so the chances of them getting into trouble were virtually zero. Sarah may be late because she can’t find any useable wood, but Finnick and Charlotte left ages ago. Are they deliberately staying out longer because they are having too much fun and don’t want to come back?

“No one else is on this island, so what danger could they be in? I bet Charlotte and Finnick are just glad to finally have some alone time together and are having so much fun that they are unwilling to return,” said Shannon.

Her tone was a little strange when she said those words, and she would shift her gaze to Vivian now and then. It was obvious that she only said those words to annoy Vivian.

Vivian knew Shannon’s ulterior motives, but she still couldn’t help feeling upset because Shannon’s words matched what Vivian thought.

Everyone else chimed in to ease the tension when they saw how terrible the Chief Editor looked upon hearing Shannon’s words. “There is no guarantee that the island is definitely safe, either. Let’s spread out and look for them,” said a colleague.

Their aim for traveling over was to have some fun. If Shannon actually got into a fight with Vivian, no one would be happy during the entire trip, and it would just be a waste.

That person’s words inspired everyone to work together. “You’re right. It’s safer if we go look for them. We can’t wait forever, after all. What if something actually happened?”

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