Never Late, Never Away Chapter 685

“It has been a while since they left, and it is a little worrisome. We should spread out and look for them.”

Hearing everybody’s thoughts and comments got Vivian to worry. “It is dangerous for a woman like Sarah to go collect firewood on her own. Let’s spread out and look for her, but make sure that there are at least three people in your team at all times. Don’t stray from each other and remember, safety first.”

“Okay,” replied the others before they teamed up and ventured into the woods.

Shannon walked with two colleagues. One of them turned to Shannon and spoke up when they got further away from the others.

“Shannon, why did you say all that in front of the Chief Editor? What if she makes things difficult for you at work?” said one colleague.

“I was just telling the truth. Charlotte is young and beautiful, whereas Finnick is single. Who’s to say that they won’t get together?” said Shannon nonchalantly.

“That may be true, but you know what happened between Finnick and the Chief Editor. It’s extremely likely that Finnick only came on this trip to try to get back together with the Chief Editor. Why do you insist on upsetting her? She is our boss, and going against her won’t benefit you at all,” reminded the other colleague kindly.

“She would never have gotten that job or be our boss if it wasn’t for her connection to the Morrison family! I was the one who was supposed to be promoted,” growled Shannon, who only became more furious after hearing what the guy said.

“That’s not true. The Chief Editor does have the skills to do the job well. Our sales have been rising ever since she took over, and we were ranked number one for two continuous issues,” refuted the guy.

He then added, “We have never accomplished anything like that before, and that could not have happened if all she can do is tap into her connection to the Morrisons. Honestly, we should thank her. If she hadn’t helped us achieve all that, the head office would never have rewarded us with a free trip here.”

What an idiot, he’s acting like Vivian is an angel from heaven or something. Shannon couldn’t stand hearing her colleague compliment Vivian anymore. “Hah, I bet you’re only talking her up like that because she’s beautiful, and you have your eyes on her. You should forget about it. She may be a divorcee, but she is still the daughter of the Morrison family, and she will never be into you,” insulted Shannon.

“What is that supposed to mean?” demanded the colleague, who was infuriated. He shouted, “I was being kind and trying to help you. How can you make up sh*ts like that? When have you ever seen me acting like I’m interested in the Chief Editor?”

“Like hell that is bullsh*t! Stop hiding it,” accused Shannon. She was too angry to care about how others were feeling. She just wanted to vent her anger and frustration somewhere. After yelling at her colleague, Shannon turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

The third party who was with them, the female colleague, quickly stopped Shannon. She reminded, “Shannon, the Chief Editor has made it clear. We should travel in groups of three and above. Don’t leave on your own. What if you get into trouble?”

“Chief Editor this, Chief Editor that. Who are the two of you? Vivian’s slaves? Is that why you have to obey her commands like a lapdog?” roared Shannon angrily. She flung the lady’s hand away as she spoke in a deranged tone.

The colleague was so angry that she was trembling a little when she saw how Shannon ignored her good intentions and hurled such lunatic insults.

At that point, she no longer cared about Shannon’s safety and didn’t want to say anything anymore. She and the other colleague Shannon accused earlier ignored her and left. Women like those are downright unreasonable! Why did I bother stopping her? It did nothing but make me feel miserable.

Shannon felt wronged and abandoned as she watched her two colleagues walked away. More than that, though, she was overwhelmed with intense hatred and jealousy.

This is all your fault, Vivian William! You stole my job and caused a rift between my colleagues and me. Everything happened because of you. I hate you.

Shannon clenched her fist tightly as an evil aura slowly seeped out of her. “Just you wait, Vivian William. I’ll definitely get back at you for this and show you that I am not someone you can bully!” announced Shannon.

“Sarah, Sarah!” shouted Vivian and Caroline. Unfortunately, they didn’t hear any response.

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