Never Late, Never Away Chapter 686

“Vivian, we’ve been searching for hours, but Sarah is still nowhere to be seen. You don’t think she’s in trouble, do you?” said Caroline, who was a little scared at that moment.

“I don’t think so. You shouldn’t assume the worse,” replied Vivian. Truth was, Vivian was just as nervous about the situation, but she knew that she couldn’t freak out. “Let’s head back. Maybe the others have already found Sarah and they’re back at the camp now. That’s probably why she can’t hear us calling out for her.”

“You’re right. Sarah must’ve returned to the campsite. She is definitely safe,” said Caroline. She felt a lot calmer after hearing what Vivian said.

Vivian and Caroline turned around and went back to their camp. That was when they realized that almost everyone else had returned as well.

“How did it go? Did anyone find Sarah?” asked Vivian hurriedly.


“Sarah is nowhere to be seen, and Mr. Norton and Charlotte aren’t back yet either.”

Vivian got even more anxious to hear everyone’s response. How am I going to face her family if something happened to Sarah?

“Calm down, Chief Editor. Some teams haven’t returned yet. Maybe they’ve found Sarah,” said a guy to comfort her after he saw how she was getting jumpy. He then added, “I’ll go look for her again. This isn’t an abandoned island, so it’s unlikely that she’s in trouble. I bet Sarah just lost her way.”

“What about Mr. Norton and Charlotte? The place to get the water isn’t far and they would’ve found the place so long as they travel down the main road. Why aren’t they back yet?” complained another colleague. He couldn’t help feeling angry because he was getting too worried. What is wrong with these people? They’re not kids, anymore. Why must they make us worry?

For some unknown reason, hearing those words prompted Vivian to picture Finnick flirting with Charlotte. They were happy and smiling brightly at each other in Vivian’s mind.

She couldn’t stop jealousy from swelling up inside her mind, so she shook her head to prevent herself from thinking too much about it.

“Let’s just wait for everyone else to return. I don’t want to risk anyone else getting lost in our quest to search for Sarah,” instructed Vivian. She was worried that the others would get into trouble as well, so she had them wait there.

More time passed, but no one returned. Vivian couldn’t bear with the anxiety anymore and wanted to head out to look for the others again. Just then, Shannon rushed over while looking frightened.

“What’s wrong? Did you find them?” asked one colleague hurriedly.

“No, but I think I heard Sarah calling out for help over there,” informed Shannon. She looked absolutely horrified.

Vivian’s heart instantly jumped when she heard what Shannon said. Sarah’s in trouble? Vivian quickly ran over to Shannon and asked, “Where did you hear that call for help? Are you sure it was Sarah?”

“I can’t be certain. I somewhat make out a call for help, and that person sounded like Sarah, but I was alone and was too scared to forge ahead. That’s why I came back to get help.”

“Why were you alone?” asked Vivian. The two of them weren’t on good terms, after all, so Vivian had her guard up around Shannon.

“I was supposed to be with Ken and Melinda, but we later got into an argument and went our own ways,” replied Shannon hurriedly, “Honestly, Vivian, now is not the time to look into this matter. Hurry over with me. I’m really worried about Sarah now.”

Given how nervous Shannon looked, it was unlikely that she was lying. Vivian’s judgment was also clouded because she was worried about Sarah, who hadn’t returned yet.

“Okay, hang on a second. I have to go get something from my camp,” replied Vivian before she rushed to her camp.

Before leaving the country, Vivian thought about how most employees the magazine hired were women. She was worried about everyone’s safety, so she brought pepper spray along. I didn’t think that I’d actually need to use it.

“Let’s go look for Sarah now, Shannon,” urged Vivian after she retrieved the so-called weapon she brought with her. We have to hurry. The longer we wait, the more danger Sarah might be in.

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