Never Late, Never Away Chapter 687

“Chief Editor, it’s not that much safer for two women to go over on their own. Let the boys and I come with you,” suggested a male colleague in a worried tone.

“No, there’s no need for that. We only have a few men around, and most of us are already at camp. You boys should stay guard over here, just in case. The girls would be defenseless if something happens while you’re gone,” instructed Vivian sternly.

Everyone tagged along happily to go on a vacation with Vivian, so she had to make sure that everyone was safe and would go home in one piece.

“But then, who would protect the two of you?” pointed out a guy. Vivian’s words made sense to him, but he was still worried about letting two women leaving on their own.

“Gah, stop wasting time and talking bullsh*t. Sarah is still waiting for rescue,” said Shannon before Vivian could even speak up. She later added, “The Chief Editor is armed with pepper spray, so we should be fine. Stop worrying needlessly, will you? Besides, she is right. The most important thing is to make sure that everyone is safe.”

After that, Shannon turned to Vivian and continued, “Vivian, let’s hurry over. Sarah and I aren’t on good terms, but we have been colleagues for years. If anything were to happen to her, I-I’d feel terrible.”

Shannon’s voice was thick with tears when she said those words, and sorrow donned her face. No one would suspect her words under those circumstances.

“It’s fine, Lionel. Stay here with the others and keep everyone safe. Shannon and I will go look for Sarah,” instructed Vivian quickly to the guy at her side. Then, she dragged Shannon towards the path Shannon came from earlier.

“Shannon, where did you hear Sarah’s call for help? Why haven’t we heard anything, even though we’ve gone so far?” asked Vivian. She was getting worried because they were venturing further away from camp.

At first, Vivian assumed that they wouldn’t be traveling that far from camp, but they had since gotten to the deeper parts of the wood. Despite that, they still hadn’t reached the place Shannon was talking about.

“We’re almost there. I heard Sarah’s call for help somewhere nearby. I’m guessing we’ll find her soon,” replied Shannon. For some unknown reason, Shannon seemed a little off when she spoke. It was as if she was worried about Vivian discovering something.

Shannon obviously didn’t need to worry at all, though. Vivian was too worried about Sarah to notice anything.

Vivian didn’t suspect a thing and forged ahead when she heard Shannon saying that Sarah was nearby. As Vivian walked, she called out Sarah’s name.

Shannon was secretly relieved to see that Vivian had bought the lie. The former grinned evilly as she walked behind the latter.

Shannon observed her surroundings while following closely behind Vivian. After traveling a little further, Shannon saw the mark she made earlier.

Glee flashed past her eyes. Shannon shouted in a nervous tone, “Chief Editor, quick. Over here!”

“What is it?” asked Vivian, who turned around quickly and headed towards Shannon. The former asked, “Did you find any clue? Is Sarah around here somewhere?”

Vivian walked to Shannon and looked in the direction that Shannon was pointing at. The former bent down to take a closer look, and that was when she felt a force pushing her harshly from her back.

“Ah,” yelped Vivian. She flew uncontrollably downward and saw that she was getting closer and closer to the ground. At first, she thought that she would fall hard, but as she fell, she realized there was a trap right underneath her.

Thump! A loud noise echoed when Vivian fell into the pit. She felt as if her organs were all crushed, and she kept her eyes closed for a long time before she got herself accustomed to the pain.

Upon opening her eyes, Vivian realized that the pit was extremely deep. It was likely that hunters set the trap up to catch dangerous animals. Vivian shifted her gaze upward and saw that Shannon was grinning evilly over.

Seeing Shannon’s taunting expression, Vivian realized that Shannon had pushed her in. Why the hell did Shannon bring me over?

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