Never Late, Never Away Chapter 688

“Shannon, didn’t you say that Sarah is somewhere nearby? Why did you push me in?” demanded Vivian angrily.

“You actually bought that? My gosh, Vivian William, looks like you haven’t gotten any smarter in the past five years. You are still that idiot who is, oh so easy, to con,” replied Shannon while crouching down and looking right at Vivian.

“What is the meaning of this? Did you trick me over? Why would you do that? Where is Sarah?” demanded Vivian, who was furious at herself when she finally grasped what was going on. I knew it. I shouldn’t have trusted that woman!

“That brat is as annoying as you are. How would I know where she is? To tell you the truth, I never heard her calling for help. I only told you that to con you into coming over, and as for my intention of bringing you over…”

Shannon trailed off and paused for a moment before she glared evilly and answered, “Well, it’s to teach you a f*cking lesson, of course.”

“Shannon Ulrich, I will freaking fire you!” roared Vivian. Resentment and regret filled her heart when she heard what Shannon said.

Shannon had always gone against Vivian at work, and Vivian would’ve fired the girl if she wasn’t a senior in the office who had contributed years to the company. Not only is she not thankful for it, she’s trying to hurt me!

“Awh, how intimidating,” said Shannon sarcastically before she added, “You’d have to actually get out of there to threaten my job.”

“I’m warning you, Shannon. You won’t get away with it. I came over to look for Sarah with you, and everyone saw us leaving together. You’d be the first one they turn to if they can’t find me,” reminded Vivian, who was performing pretty well under duress.

She added, “You will be the primary suspect, so you better find a way to get me out of here before the situation spiral out of control.”

“Really? Aw, you’re scaring me, Chief Editor,” said Shannon sarcastically before she laughed aloud and added, “Vivian William, do you really think that you can frighten me just like that? I can tell them that we parted ways to look for Sarah, and that is why I have no idea where you are.”

Shannon reminded, “Tons of people get into trouble while on camping trips, and there is no evidence to prove my guilt. No one can pin this on me, so you can rot here for all I care! Don’t worry, though. If anything were to happen to you, I will take over your position as the Chief Editor and will manage the magazine perfectly in your place.” After saying her piece, Shannon turned around and left while laughing aloud.

“Come back here, Shannon. Get me out of here,” roared Vivian loudly from the bottom of the pit. All she got in response was Shannon’s laughter getting softer until it was completely gone.

What do I do now? Am I really going to die here? Vivian struggled to come up with ways to get out of that trap.

On the other side, Finnick and Charlotte had gone to get some water. Charlotte kept trying to strike up a conversation with Finnick the entire way. “Mr. Norton, isn’t the scenery on this island amazing?”

Finnick ignored Charlotte. He continued filling up the buckets and collecting the water. He never even looked in the general direction of where Charlotte was standing.

After her experience in the cable car, Charlotte had already gotten used to how distant Finnick acted toward her. Hence, she remained smiling and asked, “Mr. Norton, I remember that you were down with a cold just before the trip. Are you feeling better now?”

Finnick had finished filling one bucket up, so he got another empty bucket and started filling that up, too. He acted as if there was no one around him.

Seeing how Finnick ignored her prompted Charlotte to bite her lip a little. She had always had admirers coming after her, even when she saw a kid. No one had ever made her look so bad before.

No, I can’t give up so easily. It took me forever to find a rich guy that I quite like. No matter what, I must make him fall for me!

After filling both buckets up, Finnick picked up the buckets in each hand and turned to leave. Charlotte quickly stepped up to act like she was going after the bucket he was holding. She said, “Mr. Norton, you can’t carry both buckets on your own. That is too heavy. Let’s carry one each.”

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