Never Late, Never Away Chapter 695

She didn’t know how to refuse after hearing him say that. After all, he was the one working up an awful sweat to get them back. She could only hide her furiously blushing face and continue to hold onto his neck.

Seeing Vivian snug in his arms, Finnick spoke with a voice full of self-blame, “Everything that happened today is my fault, Vivian. It’s because I didn’t protect you well enough. I promise, this will never happen again. I’ll always protect you and keep you out of harm’s way.”

Vivian’s heart sped up erratically again. She felt herself falling for Finnick’s eyes that were filled with deep affection.

No. If this keeps up, I might actually fall in love with Finnick again…

She hurriedly turned her gaze away. Vivian lowered her head to avoid seeing Finnick. “Let’s head back. Everyone’s probably worried sick about us.”

After seeing Vivian react so evasively towards his affection, a streak of pain flashed in Finnick’s eyes. How long will I have to wait until she accepts me again?

Finnick’s lips curved into a soft smile, disguising his sorrow. “Alright, let’s head back now.”

None of them spoke on their way back. Finnick was worried about the state of Vivian’s injury. All he wanted was to send her back safely and quickly. On the other hand, Vivian kept silent because she felt embarrassed.

But he did rescue me… Vivian hesitated before saying, “Finnick. Thanks for saving me this time. I don’t know when I would been found if it weren’t for you.”

Finnick lowered his head to get a better look at her. “You don’t have to be so formal with me. I already said, this whole thing is my fault. It happened because I didn’t protect you.”

“How are you to be blamed?” Vivian retorted anxiously. “It’s all because I’m dumb. I trusted someone that I shouldn’t have.”

Thinking back to how Shannon mocked her, Vivian’s anger burned like wildfire. I’m so stupid. I knew that Shannon had it in for me, yet I still trusted her earlier today.

“Fire Shannon once we get back. You can’t keep people like her around you,” Finnick warned. Although he spoke softly, his gaze hardened with a coldness.

Thoughts about avenging Vivian swirled in Finnick. I’ll have Noah deal with that problematic Shannon. I’ll ensure that she will never get within a hair’s length near Vivian again. Something like this can never happen a second time.

“You knew that she tricked me?” Vivian asked in surprise.

“I found her before you. She said that you were separated, but I didn’t believe her. After I threatened her, she eventually admitted to harming you and told me your location.”

So that’s what happened. The pieces were finally coming together. Vivian suddenly asked, “Then did Sarah manage to get back to camp? Was she hurt?”

This woman! She’s already in great pain, yet she still has the heart to worry about someone else’s well-being.

Even though this pissed Finnick off, he chose to suppress his simmering anger and replied, “She’s fine. She just got lost on her way back, so it took her a while.”

Relief washed over Vivian after hearing Finnick’s answer. She was grateful that Sarah made it back safe and sound.

Seeing Vivian so relieved, Finnick couldn’t help but wish that she could be a little bit more selfish and take better care of herself. She worries too much about others instead of focusing on her own needs. But then again, isn’t that why I fell for her in the first place? Because of her kindness?

Finnick chuckled wryly and shook his head. He felt like a hypocrite for having such contradictory thoughts.

At this, Vivian frowned and asked quizzically, “What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing.” After relying this, Finnick kept silent and picked up his pace. What’s important now is to get back quickly and send Vivian to the hospital for treatment.

Not long after, they arrived at the campsite.

Everyone secretly sighed as they saw Finnick approaching with Vivian in his arms. Though relieved and pleased, they couldn’t help but feel curious at the two’s intimate posture.

Didn’t Ms. Morrison try to get Charlotte and Finnick together by asking them to fetch some water? But now she’s being carried back bridal style by Finnick? Does Ms. Morrison still have feelings for her ex-husband or not? Their relationship is so confusing… Will they rekindle their marriage?

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