Never Late, Never Away Chapter 696

Sarah caught sight of Vivian’s injured foot just as everyone else was contemplating their relationship.

“Vivian!” She hurried over. Her voice cracked when she saw Vivian’s injury. “I’m so sorry, Vivian. It’s all my fault. You got injured because of me.”

“You have nothing to do with this. Stop crying.” Vivian comforted Sarah. She tugged at Finnick’s arm, hinting at him to put her down. However, Finnick brushed her off and continued to carry her in his arms.

Everyone else quickly came forward to check on Vivian’s injury after hearing Sarah’s words.

“I asked Shannon about your whereabouts upon her return, but she wouldn’t tell. She packed her bags and left in a hurry. We were so worried about you. How did you get hurt?” Caroline’s heart ached for her as she stared at her swollen foot.

“It’s nothing. I accidentally fell down and sprained my ankle.” Vivian didn’t want to speak ill of others behind their backs. She figured she would talk to Shannon privately about it.

“Then let’s pack up and leave now. Ms. Morrison, you need to see the doctor!”

“That’s right. I’ll go pack up right away.”

Nobody was in the mood to play anymore after seeing Vivian’s seriously injured leg.

Vivian felt sorry to see them pack up and leave because of her. After all, it wasn’t easy to get everyone together on this trip. How could they just up and leave because of her?

Just as she was about to speak up, Finnick said, “You guys should carry on with your vacation. I will take Ms. Morrison to the hospital. Don’t worry, she’ll be in good hands.”

Nobody commented any further upon hearing Finnick’s words. They figured Mr. Norton might want to take this chance to woo Ms. Morrison. Nobody wanted to get in his way.

Since nobody else had anything to say, Finnick bid goodbye and left with Vivian in his arms.

He carried her all the way to the hospital and watched as the doctor bandaged Vivian’s leg. Finnick reached out to Vivian when he saw her tightly knitted brows. “Vivian, bite my hand if you’re in pain. I heard it helps.”

Vivian was amused as she pushed his arm away. “No need. I’m not in that much pain.”

She felt touched by Finnick’s actions even though she rejected his offer. He was every bit as good to her as he used to if she didn’t take into account everything else.

After bandaging, Finnick insisted that he carry her back, but she felt bad and wouldn’t let him.

They finally came to an agreement and Vivian allowed Finnick to piggyback her back to the hotel.

As he trudged down a quiet lane with Vivian on his back, her heart swayed. She could feel the gentle warmth emanating from him. She had imagined this heartwarming scene five years ago.

Five years ago when they were planning for a trip, she had imagined that Finnick would carry her on his back just like that as they walked down a small lane. They would admire the scenery as he strolled through the streets with her on his back, just like every other loving couple.

“Finnick.” Vivian couldn’t help but said, “Can I ask you something?”

“What is it?” Finnick paid close attention to Vivian’s legs as he spoke. He was afraid he would accidentally hurt her.

“Why did you decide to come back for me when you have so many good options around you?” Vivian tilted her head, looked Finnick in the eye, and asked. She had been puzzling over the matter for a long time now.

Finnick stopped in his tracks, turned around, and looked at Vivian affectionately. “Vivian, but they’re not you. You are my one and only. Where else can I find someone like you?”

Vivian teared up upon his confession. “What if I’m not as good as you think? I’ve changed a lot in the past five years. What if I’m no longer the Vivian you once knew?”

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