Never Late, Never Away Chapter 697

“You are perfect in my eyes.” Finnick cut her off. “Vivian, I know who I’ve fallen in love with. I love you, no matter how much you’ve changed, no matter if you’re still the Vivian I met five years ago. You are the apple of my eyes.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked him in the eye. Something stirred deep inside. Is this true? Could he have spoken from his heart?

It felt as if they were the only ones left on the streets as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Vivian, I love you,” Finnick spoke up. “Then, now, and forever. You are my one and only.”

Vivian’s heart stirred when she saw the sincerity in his eyes during his confession. She suddenly recalled Fabian once told her that there might be more to what happened years ago than meets the eye.

She felt a wave of hope as she contemplated the possibility of it. Could it all have been a misunderstanding?

“Finnick.” Vivian’s heart drummed as she took a deep breath. “Five years ago, did you…”

Vivian stopped mid-sentence. She was afraid that his answer would crush her. Is this really going to be the end for us if it really is Finnick’s doing?

“What?” Finnick turned serious when he heard her earnest tone.

Just do it. I have to get to the bottom of things. Plucking up her courage, Vivian asked shakily, “Did you get Noah to…”

Just as Vivian was about to voice her question, her phone suddenly rang.

She took out her phone and saw that it was from the hospital where Rachel was admitted to. Based on her past experiences, it was always bad news whenever the hospital calls. Is something wrong with Rachel again?

The doctor’s anxious voice rang out the moment she picked up the call with shaky hands. “Is this Rachel William’s daughter, Vivian?”

“Yes, it’s me. Is there something wrong with her?” Vivian grew nervous when she heard the doctor’s anxious tone.

“Your mother is having a relapse and needs to undergo surgery immediately. Or else she might die. You and your family should come to the hospital as soon as possible.”

What? How could Rachel get so ill all of a sudden? Vivian panicked. “OK, doc. I will head to the hospital immediately. Please take good care of her. Don’t worry about the bills. Please make sure she’s okay!”

“This is our responsibility as a doctor. We will do our very best. I hope you can get here as soon as possible, or else we’re not able to perform surgery on her.”

“OK. OK. I will get there as soon as I can.” After hanging up the call, Vivian said to Finnick anxiously, “Finnick, let’s hurry back to our hotel to get our passports. I want to go home, now!”

As Finnick hurried back to the hotel with Vivian on his back, he asked Vivian why she was in such a hurry to head home. “What happened? Is something wrong with your mother?”

“Yes.” Vivian was at a loss of what to do. “The doctor said she has a relapse and needs to undergo surgery immediately. That’s why I need to head back now. Nothing must happen to her.”

“Vivian, don’t panic.” Finnick tried his best to calm her down. “I’ll get Noah to book the earliest flight back. Your mother will be fine. Don’t scare yourself.”

“Right. I mustn’t panic.” Vivian forced herself to calm down upon his words. She then picked up her phone and called home.

She had to get Benedict to head to the hospital to take care of Rachel first since it would take some time for her to get there even if she boarded the first flight back.

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